My MTB and Ankle were Broken in Tailspin Crash

When my best friend Tyler called to tell me he was sick and wouldn’t be able to come mountain biking with me anymore, I was pretty disappointed. I sat around my house for a little while moping and wishing I had someone else to take with me on the biking trip. As I gazed longingly out the window at my beautiful bike just begging to go out on the trails, I realized I didn’t need anyone else. I read about fun stuff to do outdoors on this post. I was going to go mountain biking all on my own. What could go wrong?

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Riding The North Shore Trail

The North Shore trail that runs from Rockledge Park to Twin Coves Park on the north side of Lake Grapevine is my usual biking trail. With my biker buddy, Luke, we would race down the path for about 11 miles absorbing the beautiful views from the lakes cliffs and shores. Luke is new to this trail since he just moved to Texas, but he is a competitive biker and a worthy contender. So, riding with him is always quite thrilling.

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