I Rode McKinney Falls State Park

It was the perfect Sunday. I had studied the McKinney Falls State Park for months, and I had prepared my body and my mountain bike for that day as well. At that point, I knew everything you can know about the park without ever stepping on it. Every review, every story, everything everybody had every said about the park – I knew it. I got up way earlier than necessary today. I was a very strange representation of a kid waking up at dawn on Christmas day. The sun woke me up showering my room in golden tints, and if I concentrated enough, I swear I was able to smell the woods as if my dreams were still clinging to my skin.

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My MTB and Ankle were Broken in Tailspin Crash

When my best friend Tyler called to tell me he was sick and wouldn’t be able to come mountain biking with me anymore, I was pretty disappointed. I sat around my house for a little while moping and wishing I had someone else to take with me on the biking trip. As I gazed longingly out the window at my beautiful bike just begging to go out on the trails, I realized I didn’t need anyone else. I was going to go mountain biking all on my own. What could go wrong?

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Riding with a drone following

It was only 2 minutes after I got my package and I didn’t look so excited anymore. Rather, I looked worried.

It took me about 13 months, two weeks and three days to save up enough money to get my DJI Maverick pro drone I selected from this page and I was so excited to place the order the moment I spent my final savings. The courier came two days later, at about 10:34 am and it took me just 3 seconds to get the door as I was sitting on the sofa, just 2 feet away from the door. I could tell that the courier saw the excitement that glowed in my eyes as he gave me a wink right before turning his back and heading for his truck.

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Riding The North Shore Trail

The North Shore trail that runs from Rockledge Park to Twin Coves Park on the north side of Lake Grapevine is my usual biking trail. With my biker buddy, Luke, we would race down the path for about 11 miles absorbing the beautiful views from the lakes cliffs and shores. Luke is new to this trail since he just moved to Texas, but he is a competitive biker and a worthy contender. So, riding with him is always quite thrilling.

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Do self sealing bicycle tubes work?

Self sealing bike tubes work great for tiny holes caused by small thorns or other sharps. I have been using them for years with my mountain bike. I change tubes about once per year and can see all the holes that have been filed and sealed.

I used to get a flat tire once per month but since I switched to tubes with sealant I can go 6 months without a flat.

Once thing to note is that they will not repair a major hole like if you hit a nail.

They cost less than $10 each and last me a year. They are available at retailers and online stores. I highly recommend you install them to spend less time fixing flats and more time riding.