Riding with a drone following

It was only 2 minutes after I got my package and I didn’t look so excited anymore. Rather, I looked worried.

It took me about 13 months, two weeks and three days to save up enough money to get my DJI Maverick pro drone I selected from this page and I was so excited to place the order the moment I spent my final savings. The courier came two days later, at about 10:34 am and it took me just 3 seconds to get the door as I was sitting on the sofa, just 2 feet away from the door. I could tell that the courier saw the excitement that glowed in my eyes as he gave me a wink right before turning his back and heading for his truck.

About 30 seconds later, I had already ripped off the yellow nylon and brown carton wrapped around it, while also making sure the baby in the box was unharmed. I gently, and carefully brought out my new DJI Mav Pro, and it looked exactly as I imagined… or maybe it was just the reflection from the ray of sunlight coming through the window glass that made it look so cool. It didn’t take me more than a minute to complete my admiration as I went on the hunt for the power button.

After 30 seconds, which was approximately 2 minutes later, I did find the power button, but I couldn’t seem to turn it on. While holding down the scary anxiety growing within me, I gently and repeatedly pushed the power button, but it didn’t seem to come on. I jumped up and went straight to my room to grab my iPhone to call the customer service. As I stepped off the last ledge of the stairs, taking my eye off my phone, I could see Susan right where I left the drone. Susan is my kid sis, and she couldn’t have fun with anything without smashing it. As I swiftly panicked towards Susan to save my dear new drone, the sound of the doorbell came so sudden that it got my heart racing. It was my best friend Frank, and I already missed his call earlier while I was dealing with the drone.

As I unlocked the door without taking a second look at Frank, I took a short sprint towards Susan to grab my drone from her before looking back at Frank who stood at the door facing me like I deserved a Grammy.

Instead of calling the customer service, we went on Google and found that the button had to be pushed twice consecutively while also holding the button down the second time till the light comes on. I wasn’t hesitant to take the drone out back and check out the amazing features that made it so cool. The drone came with an Active tracking feature that lets it follow you without needing the controller, and I was so eager to test that out. Frank was stunned by this feature that he suggested that we take the drone up to the ridge the next day and get some videos of us mountain biking. Without a second thought, I agreed to this as it would be the combination of my two favorite activities with my favorite person.

It was quite early (though I didn’t think it was at that time) when Frank came barging into my room shoving me off the bed to get up and get dressed. It didn’t take me long to be done, and within minutes, we were well on our way to the top of a ridge which was a few miles away from our home. As we got to the top of the ridge, I brought out the drone from my hydration bag and began to set it up.

It was pretty windy which was probably due to the fact that we were at the top of a ridge, but I didn’t feel so eager to leave the drone flying on its own, so I suggested that Frank took the first ride halfway downhill while I used the drone, from its controller to tail him. He agreed, and I joyfully hovered the drone right above him till he got halfway down the ridge, after which I directed the drone back towards me to set up its Active Tracker to let it automatically follow me downhill to join Frank.

It wasn’t that hard, and I was done within seconds. The uav was locked on me as I placed the controller to seat firmly in the middle of the bicycle handles. I was a bit nervous to start, but as I began to pedal downhill, silly me couldn’t stop looking back at the drone every 2 seconds, like I didn’t want to get it out of sight, till unluckily, I pedaled too fast, and the drone lost me and was just hovering at a spot. I felt a bit nervous at first when this happened but seeing the indicator on the controller that stated: “Target Lost” was relief enough for me.

I stopped to carry bicycle back to where the drone was when I noticed a bird flying around it. Immediately, I dropped the bicycle and took out the controller to direct the drone towards me as I believe birds can be territorial and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were looking to pick a fight.

Compared to the initial trial of the activity tracker, the second attempt was more successful as I slowly pedaled downhill, without looking back at the drone this time but I could feel the winds from its rotors hovering right above me. As I got to Frank who had been hilariously enjoying my dramatic displays, we continued downhill taking short pauses to check out the videos which came out great. We were both exhausted by the time we made it to the bottom of the ridge, but that didn’t stop us from setting out the next day to get some more cool shots.

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