Trip to Texas

Stanley was very eager. He had always been curious and liked to try new things. The next thing we did was ascertain and deliberate on the perfect place to perform the activity. After going through many options, we finally settled on Texas, the Barton Creek Greenbelt to be exact.

Neither of us had ever been to Texas, and we figured that this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so. We began to make preparations and considered all the other sports and recreation that we could be engaged in over there.

I made the reservations in one of the hotels in the area, and we were good to go. I found out that mountain biking was more challenging during the rainy season and I was glad that we were not in the rainy season.


Like so many other sports, mountain biking also has a lot of benefits to the body. For instance, it helps to improve the overall health state of the heart. This is possible as a result of the muscles that require a lot of oxygen to be able to ride a bicycle. The more oxygen is required, the more the heart works steadily, and the more the heart works steadily, the more fit it becomes.

Stanley and I discussed the benefits several times. He was also a health nut, so he liked to find out about activities before taking part in them. We also found out that some of the other benefits include decreased risk of diseases, increased brain power, improvements in balance and coordination and also the opportunity to enjoy the best of nature.

A day before we flew to Texas, we went for the equipment needed. I already had a bicycle that was made specifically for any mountain. Being an expert in mountain biking, I already knew the best bicycle to use. I made sure that Stanley goes the best.

We picked up a helmet. The helmet was made for protection. Any accident could lead to brain or skull injury. The helmet protects the head in the case of a fall. We found one that fitted Stanley’s head perfectly. I still had my wonderful helmet, so I didn’t need to purchase another one.


We also purchased protective glasses to protect against being blinded by a branch or something else. We also got two pairs of gloves; one for me and the other for Stanley. After that, we got a hydration pack.

The day arrived, and we flew to Texas. At the airport, we took a taxi to the hotel I had booked. The room I had booked was very big, and it had two beds on which both of us could sleep comfortably.

We went to the hotel’s bar and restaurant and ordered beer and dinner. We met with other people who were in Barton Creek Greenbelt to do different kinds of activities. So people were there for rock climbing. Others came for cliff diving (I promised myself to do that someday).

We met a newlywed couple who also planned to do mountain biking, and when we introduced ourselves, we planned to do it together. The man, named John, said he was trying to teach his wife how to ride a bicycle on the mountain. We talked about several aspects of the activity.


John knew a lot about mountain biking, and we were both able to give his wife, Sarah and Stanley some pointers. He said he used to be involved in competitive mountain biking races and he had won a lot of awards.

We also talked about some of the injuries involved in mountain biking. John related the horrible experience of a mountain bike rider who ignored the advice of people not to venture to a part of a mountain where no one had ever been to.

I turned out that the guy smashed his head against a branch and he fell off his bicycle down a very steep slope. By the time he landed, he had found out that he could no longer work. That was the end of his career. Now, he was in a wheelchair.

After chatting for a very long time and making a lot of toasts, we finally retired to our rooms, promising to meet very early the next day by 7 pm. Stanley and I watched a movie before going to sleep.

Early the next morning, Stanley woke me up around 6 pm. He was already prepared. I rushed to the bathroom and had a wonderful bath. I also got my gear and put them on. We got our bicycles and went to meet up with John and Sarah.

We greeted them and then we got on the bicycles and rode up the mountain. The sun was coming up and everywhere looked cool. We saw some rock and mountain climbers walking with their gear towards their places of interest.

There was a mountain trail that we could follow, and we followed it, swinging our legs on the pedal as we rode along the trail. We began to tell several stories and make a lot of jokes. We each talked about our passions and the things we loved to do.

As we rode on, dodging trees and some animals which ran across our path, we soaked in the beauty of nature. The tall, proud and beautiful trees, the exotic animals and the smell of the morning dew.

John showed how skillful he was as he used his bicycle to jump over some rocks on the way. I wish I could do the same thing, but I didn’t want to end up like the guy who was confined to the wheelchair for the rest of his life.

We had a lot of fun on the way and even took a lot of pictures. We returned from our biking activity late in the evening.

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