I Trained for Off-Road Bike Race

Texas is a wonderful place for a mountain biker especially if it is not the rainy period. Mountain biking has always been one that I love doing. I developed an interest in when I was a kid, and I saw my older brothers and cousins engaging in it. Many times, they would travel from Florida, which was where we lived, to other states where they could ride their bikes on the mountain.

Most of the time, they do it for competitive purposes. When I was in high school, I began to follow them whenever they went for the competitions during summer vacations. I had joined them one day when they were practicing for a competition.

I purchased my mountain bike and raced with my brothers and cousins. In the competition, we had done a race, and against all the odds, I had won. That was the beginning. My uncle, who was the coach, told me that I could be a star and that I could race like the others.

I took his advice very seriously, and I began to practice with the others. Within a short period, I became really good, and everyone began to comment on how great and talented I was. I joined competitions, and I won them all. I began to get invitations to several competitions just because some people wanted to challenge me. I beat them all too.

College was the best time of my life. I won a lot of awards for mountain riding, and pretty soon, my reputation grew beyond my imagination. I began to get endorsements too, and I was featured in many adverts for many companies where I had to ride my bike on mountains with drones recording my journey overhead.

After college, I won more competitions and the money I made from those competitions and adverts, and I used to begin a clothing line where I made more money. A few years of successes later, I decided to retire. Everyone was surprised. They believed that I was pretty young to retire and that I should do more. However, my mind was set.

Now, I was in my house, watching a wonderful TV series when I got a call. It was from a show promoter who wanted to know if I was willing to do one more mountain biking competition. I told him that I wasn’t. However, he mentioned an amount of money that made me widen my eyes in surprise.

The promoter and my agent and the money in place managed to convince me to return from retirement for one last mountain biking competition. I was also promised a very large and extra sum of money if I managed to win.

Although the money was a big thing, I wanted to see if I could still hold my own against these new crops of riders. Ever since I retired, some new guys had taken over, and although none of them had come close to breaking my records in the competitions, they were quite popular.

The competition was a month away, and the venue was in Texas, so I began to train hard. I lifted weights, ran 100 meters and did a lot of exercises. As I prepared, I began to feel the rush I used to feel whenever I was preparing for a competition.

Two days before the completion, I flew with my best friend, Adrian, to Grapevine, Texas. The competition was to take place on the North Shore Trail. We stayed in a wonderful hotel that had been booked by my secretary, a month before.

Most of the people I met in the hotel were people who were there to watch the competition. Since I was quite a popular guy, most of them greeted me with glee. I figured that the people must quite like the competition. It was not until the next day that I learned why a lot of people were so much interested.

Early the next morning, we were all waiting at the starting line. The other players, nine of them all nodded at me, and most of the called me an old timer, promising me that they would break my records someday. I just smiled. I was not much older than they were and they were already calling me an old timer just because I retired.

A few minutes before the mountain race began, the area was already full of people. That was when the show promoter walked up to me.

Hey bro, how are you doing?” he asked.

Prepared to win,” I replied him.

Great, ah…one thing I forgot to mention…ah…some people might try to attack you,” he said.

Confused, I could only stare at him. “What are you talking about?”

Listen, the majority of the people here are not here to cheer you guys up, okay? They are bettors, okay? Many of them bet in your favor, and the others bet against you.”

What?” I asked again.

Yeah, so, I want to give you a heads up. Some people may hide in the mountains and try to hurt your or something, but hey, don’t worry, I have sent officers to the mountains to look for people who might want to try that nonsense. However, no plan is perfect, you know.”

Does my agent know about all this?” I asked.

Ah…perhaps you could ask him,” the promoter said. “Anyway, I wish you all the best. I am rooting for you.”

What if I say I am no longer interested in racing?”

Then we are both dead. Those who have a lot of money riding on this will just kill us.”

What have you gotten me into?”

Hey, no hard feelings. It’s just business.”

I ignored him and focused on the racing. Soon, the race began, and I was pumping my legs up on down on the pedals as my bike raced up the mountain. as I raced, everything began to come back to me. I was in my elements.

The show promoter was right. Some people appeared from nowhere and tried to attack me. I dodged them before they were taken down by some of the officers. I was also able to win the competition also, making a lot of money for people I didn’t know.

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