My Bike and I Landed in the Water


One of the things that caught my eye in San Antonio was the number of mountain bikers.

I visited San Antonio for the first time, I not only had a lot of fun but it was also where I met the love of my life. My uncle had invited me over to spend a vacation with him and his family. Since it was my first time in the city, I was curious and fascinated by the wonderful things that I saw.


There were lots of mountain biking enthusiasts to the extent that they even have an organization for it. My cousin, Claire, and her boyfriend, Doug, were also mountain riders and they also participated in the mountain biking races. We began to talk about the races.

“You know, another race will hold next month,” Claire said.

“Really? Wow. I wish I could join,” I said. I mentally checked the time I had left for vacation, and I realized that I could still witness the race.

“What? So you have never done mountain biking before?”

“Never,” I said.


Doug smiled at me. “It’s quite simple. You already know how to ride a bicycle right?” I nodded. “Good. That is exactly what it is. The difference is that there are special bikes for riding on the mountain.”

“Hmm,” I murmured.

“Hey, we are going for training tomorrow to prepare for the competition, maybe you could come with us,” Claire said.

“I would love that, but I have no bike.”

“Don’t worry,” Claire said. “We have many of them over here.”

“Great, I can’t wait to join you.”


That night before I went to bed, all I could think about was the mountain biking. It is true that once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you will always get the hang of it even if you ride it after so many years of not riding it. I was confident that I wouldn’t have any problem riding a bicycle on the mountain.

I even had a dream about it. I dreamt that I rode a mountain bike and used it to chase some men who had just kidnapped a little kid of about five. They rode in a kind of monster truck with very tall tires. The truck seemed to be able to travel over rocks and craggy roads.

One nice thing about the dream was that my bike was very fast and like the monster truck, it could also move on rocks. I cycled hard as I chased after the men, trying to catch the kidnappers. In the dream, I didn’t know where we were going, but all I knew was that I had to stop them.

Suddenly, we got to a cliff, and I watched in horror as the truck sailed into the air, about a hundred feet to the bottom. I tried to stop my back too, but I couldn’t control it. I screamed as I and my bike sailed after the truck.


The bike fell away fast from beneath me, but I realized that somehow, I was floating and I could fly. Smiling, I flew after the truck and got to the back. The truck was still falling slowly in a horizontal position.

I moved to the window of the truck, and I saw that there was no inside. I opened the door and moved in, but there was no indication that anyone had ever been there. Then I realized that the truck was now falling fast. I tried to open the door to float out like before, but the door was locked.

I punched and kicked at the windows, but nothing happened. I screamed as the truck rushed to meet the ground. I opened my eyes and saw that I was on the floor and in a bedroom. It took me a while to realize that I had been dreaming and that I was at my uncle’s house. I went back to sleep.

The next morning, everyone teased me about screaming in the middle of the night, and I had to tell them about my dream. I didn’t want to call it a nightmare. They all laughed.


After breakfast, Claire, her boyfriend, myself and two of my male cousins got our mountain bikes and rode up one of the mountain trails where they used for practice. This early in the morning, we saw other people who were also there to practice for the upcoming competition. There were also those who were on the trail for training.

We rode up the mountain, and I had a nice time watching beauty that nature had to offer. Along the way, I lost sight of the others, and since I had never been to the place and also didn’t check out the ma while the others did, I got lost.

The worst part was when I rode off a cliff just like in the dream I had had. The difference was that I was not chasing any monster truck and I didn’t float. I can’t say how far down the fall was; all I knew was that I kept falling and falling. My bike and I finally landed in the water.


To make matters worse, I could not swim. Somehow, I never found the time to learn. I struggled in the water and tried to scream, but water rushed into my mouth. I was scared. I couldn’t believe that I was going to die in San Antonio.

I was about to say my last prayers as I began to sink when my hand was grabbed, and I found myself being pulled out of the water and on shore. I felt soft lips on mine, and my chest is pressed. I spit out the water in my mouth.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the most beautiful woman in the world looking down with concern at me. “Are you alright?” she asked.

“I am now,” I said with a smiled.

And that was how mountain biking in San Antonio during a vacation put me into contact with the woman that I would eventually marry.

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