Girls Not Allowed to Enter Biking Championship

It was always strange for a girl to be interested in the biking, cycling, racing, and all those things that are considered boy-like in the monotonous community of Texas.

Fight with Junior Boys at School:

One day, in the third period at school she came to find about the fight of some group with her brother. She went to his class and asked about what had happened, and he told her.

I was sitting on my bench when a boy came to me and asked to leave this seat because he wanted to sit here. He had been making fun of me since the first day I entered in this classroom. I refused to leave the seat as yesterday, Mrs. Nouras had asked me to sit here as I was new in class and required teachers to have an eye over me. One of them started pulling me from the collar of my shirt, and when I pushed him away, he fell on the ground.

Later his friends, took my bag and snatched out my notebooks and started tearing pages of my recently done homework. Nobody from class came to my help neither could I do anything as there were many and I was alone.

Don’t you worry, I will take care of it; said Nancy and she gathered all the torn pages from the floor and left. In the afternoon, they were about to head towards home when she saw some boys upsetting her brother for no reason. Boys were pulling his shirt, some were carting his bag, and some rude guys were even tugging him and pulling his hair.

She grabbed hair of one guy among them and slapped on his face so sharply that everybody listened to that sound of a slap. The boy was a flabby creature who instantly started crying instead of fighting back. This thing made other boys a little frightened however one of them came towards her and tried to slap…. She instantly dodged and grabbed his hand and bend it to almost 90 degrees. Shrieks of the boy were so loud….

Meanwhile, two teachers approached there from the corridor when they find kids fighting. They instantly, freed that guy’s hand from Nancy and asked her to bring her parents the next day. Nancy tried to open her mouth, but the teachers were already gone. Later on, she came home on her bike along with her brother.

Mountain biking in Pace Bend Park:

When she was practicing her trail riding on steeper roads, with skills she found Mrs. Nouras was walking past the hills. First she thought to ignore her, but later on, she stopped and said;

Hello Mrs. Nouras; hey Nancy what are you doing here? She said pleasantly.

Nothing, just doing some freeride. Oh, you know mountain biking?? Yes, I am professional, and I have won two local awards as well. Nice to know that, you are a different girl, and I want you to be different forever but in a good way. Later on, she waved her goodbye and went to her path.

Next day at school, everybody there was so much hustle and bustle regarding the mountain biking championship from school booster club, to raise funds for the equipment required in the nearby school of disables. Nancy asked Robin to write her name in the participants of the biking championship, but he refused by saying; girls can only participate as a cheerer or spectator. He waved a paper in front of her, staff orders.

She went to the staff room to her sports teacher and requested to add her name as a participant, and he refused by saying; I cannot allow girls for this. You can get wounded so I am sorry.

Nancy felt so disheartened at this but later in the evening, get astonished when one of her classmates Laura asked her regarding if she knows mountain biking… she was astonished that how did she know, when Laura said, I have seen your name in the list of participants. Reallyyyy??? Asked Nancy, haven’t you seen the announcement board? On checking, she found her name in the ten bikers competing next week.

On the day of the race, everybody was astonished the way a girl had control over the handles of his bike, the way she was dodging the opponents and riding her bike such skillfully. A single track had been chosen which had a steep surface, and some boards were kept on the way to make the road even tough and competition excited.

At the start, people who were scowling and making fun for Nancy, now they were cheering for her. From ten bikers, only two were now in the games as seven others had already fallen on the road. Nancy was on the second number, but she was driving too fast, and 5 meters away from the ending line, Nancy dodged Joseph and reached the finish line first.

Girls were shouting for Nancy as well as boys… Your decision for taking her in the game was not wrong Mrs. Nouras said the coach. Mrs. Nouras smiled and congratulated the proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson.

The whole school was cheering for her and anger that Nancy had for the staff, suddenly vanished away. She had cleaned the eyes of her teacher with her talent as now all of them were congratulating and complimenting her for her skills.

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