My Family went Mountain Biking this Summer

Chloe came from a family where biking is their thing. Her father is an Olympic gold medalist in cycling and so is her uncle who was a silver medalist at the Olympic and a record-breaking gold medalist of world cycling championship.

I must, however, warn you, it’s different from the regular biking experience you have. It requires more energy and your risk of getting wounded is high. If you are not interested, you are free to opt-out now” she said affirmatively waiting for our response. In my heart of heart, I wanted to decline it because I felt the girl in question does not worth all the drama anymore but I decided to occupy my summer which was then lacking activities.

We prepared well for the mountain biking by getting a suitable bike, and the necessary gears wear with other accessories that will come in handy for the summer period. Well, summer came, and we followed them to the site. Our first experience on the site was rather a wonderful one. We met league of bikers riding in groups following different directions; some moving slowly while some were moving very fast.

We also got to a part where bikers we displaying fascinating stunts. It was a lovely site to behold to the extent we stood there for almost an hour before we eventually proceed to our campsite base. After settling down, we were taken around and was shown the direction where we’ll follow for the competition. There is a tree that is uniquely situated at a point on the mountain; our target was to pluck ten leaves of the tree and deliver them back to our camp base. Viewing the tree from afar off, we already knew we were up against a great task.

The following day we were ready for the competition. After receiving some sort of instructions and precautions to keep in mind, we set out for the race with Chloe’s uncle following us in other to manage an ill situation. The first few meters of the race was cool and smooth because the ground was mostly flat, but things started changing when we had to move between rocks.

After minutes of riding, I started getting tired but wouldn’t stop because Nick was not looking like a tired person, although it was part of our warning to rest a while or even walk with the bicycle if we feel tired. After about thirty minutes of riding through sands, rocks, sloppy hills while always climbing the ever-rising mountain, my body system gave in, and I fell down.

Nick was right in my front, but he never looked back, and I cared less at that moment. I drank water with some energy renewing liquids but stayed right there at the spot where I fell for almost fifteen minutes before I picked up myself and continue the race.

At this point, I realized that mountain biking is by far different from normal biking. If not for the special gears of the bicycle, we wouldn’t have gone anywhere far. It also requires resiliency and skills to be able to sustain throughout the rough journey.

After riding for up to an hour without sighting Nick, I thought he would have gotten to the tree, and this made me increase my acceleration as I was looking for any short-cut. In my mind, the race wasn’t about winning Chloe’s heart any longer but about pride.

I couldn’t locate any shortcut, so I intensify my effort in getting to the tree on time. After covering a considerable distance and height, I saw the tree from far off of the now plain ground but still could not sight Nick. Some minutes later, I heard cry for help, and the voice sounds like that of Nick. I moved closer to the edge of the gully erosion created valley and saw Nick hanging between the rocks.

His bike was lying on the other side in a manner that suggested he slipped off the road. I rushed down to him and lifted him up and took his bicycle also. I checked his legs and saw he already had a swollen foot. He was unable to walk, and neither was he able to ride. We decided to stay at that spot for him to recover his energy, even though we were looking at the target in stone throw.

This moment allowed us to discuss at length; something we were not able to do since we were kids. It was during this moment that we both realized we’ve been chasing shadows. We both knew Chloe doesn’t really want any of us but the football team captain, still we went ahead to get her attention because of our blind competition.

We both walked down to the tree and plucked the leaves and decided to walk our bicycle down to the base. After walking for some minutes, we both mount our bikes but just to enjoy the ride instead of competing against each other. Our journey back was well worth it than our going up because we were not competing anymore. We got back to the base and saw Chloe wrapped up in Josh’s (the football team captain) arms.

We both laughed as we dropped the leaves at their feet while we mounted our bicycle and cruised around the camp. We went for many mountains biking together after the experience, and we so much enjoyed it because we worked as a team rather competing against each other.

The next time you want to go mountain biking, get the necessary gears and equipment to make every part of the journey blissful. Also, remember to be fit and prepare to strain some parts of your body because it won’t be as easy as the one you are used to. Wish you best!

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