11 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Austin, Texas

1. Barton Creek Greenbelt

Barton Creek is the most popular trail in the west of Austin. It has all difficulty levels you would expect from a challenging trail. It begins easy but entails a host of vigorous and tough terrains for the most experienced to attempt conquering. These tough spots will drain your energy as you give your best shot to take them on.

You may need to visit the place several times to be familiar and expert in the meanders. What makes Barton Creek Greenbelt an exceptional place among others, is the availability for server entry points and a mixture of unofficial trails cutting across and about the 7-mile stretch. The green and wooded environment adds to the experience. The park is a section of the larger Violet Crown Trail, which is a 30-mile regional trail system. You may start by exploring the Loop 360 access point of the famous entry near Zilker Park.


2. Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

This is the most northern place for mountain biking in Austin. It offers easy to moderate challenges for amateurs. Be ready for long trails averaging 10 miles each. There are long single tracks and a BMX bump track among other fun activities for amateur and intermediate level riders. The long winding trails will give the feel of deep-forest presence. It is a small park but big enough to get lost in the woods.

It has the widest variety of terrains and options for everyone. Even the toughest and most adventurous will be impressed by Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Perhaps what makes Walnut’s trails among the best mountain biking trails in Austin , apart from the long meandering single tracks, you will also enjoy the smooth paths as well as difficult gradients, and near-vertical drops. The obstacles come in different difficulty levels for anyone interested in attempting. This is my favorite place to ride as you can take a different path every time as the trails are all inter connected. Be prepared to choose left or right at the many Y intersections without signs.


3. Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail

Slaughter Creek Preserve is found on the extreme south of Austin and offers easy and moderate challenges for its bikers. The place is designed to take bikes one-way and pedestrians to the other side (clockwise versus and anticlockwise). This means you can pick up the speed due to reduced risk of meeting people. Be prepared for a sunny and sweaty ride in Slaughter Creek’s open spaces. There is barely any shade here.


4. Veloway

Veloway is on the south of Austin. It is one of the easiest to conquer, as the trails are mostly flat and bumpy-less. This is one of the best mountain biking trails in Austin, Texas for amateurs. If you are a new biking fan, this is a great place to start. You may also take your family with you and have the fun of leisurely pacing around the 3 miles. The beautiful track is hidden within the Circle C Ranch neighborhood. Most importantly, it is designed for bikers and roller-blades only. This means that you will not be meeting pedestrians anywhere in Veloway. Throughout the 23 inches wide string of trail, you will be enjoying a great time.


5. Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail

Roy and Ann Butler is found in Central Austin. It is a good place for amateurs and newbies because the difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate. There is a lot to learn and experience for new bikers. Professionals and experienced mountain bikers can also enjoy simple challenges. The downtown trail offers amazing views on the effortless ride. You will be cruising through a smooth boardwalk to a gravel trail. All the sections are easy to conquer even for amateurs and children. You may enjoy the leisurely pace throughout the 10-mile ride around Lady Bird Lake.


6. Brushy Creek

7. Bull Creek

8. Circle Ranch

9. Hamilton Greenbelt

10. Pace Bend Park

11. Shoal Creek Greenbelt


There are many outdoor spaces to be explored in Austin, Texas. If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, you have a myriad of opportunities here. You will be in the most popular trails in the country with hand-curated trail maps and directions. There are many detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. There are lots of cover by trees and many fun jumps to enjoy on the trails. This is what every mountain biker wants.

If you want the best mountain biking trails in Austin, be ready for the inclines, rock gardens, challenging single tracks, and long miles of remote wooded trails. The paths extend from public lands into private spaces to satisfy even the hardest riders. You should beware of the rainy season as the trails get slick. Beware of joggers and dogs too.

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