13 Best Mountain Biking Trails in San Antonio


Medina River Greenway

The Medina River offers incredible views and experiences as you traverse different routes within the tress. Part of the trail is concrete, which offers you steady flow and experiences of speed. You can race for part of the trail if you like. The meanders in trees make it more exciting. Of course, you should wear protective gear if you are in for thrills on this trail. The 7-mile trail follows the river course. The trail is far from boring. The intensity of your cycling will automatically vary with the slight then steep uphill, which can be quite challenging. By the time you are halfway, your thighs will be burning.


Leon Creek Greenway

This is an easy place for family time. The paved trail is mostly flat. There are few instances of gentle slopes; they will lead you to incredible views and experiences of birds and wildlife. Scattered ponds in the trees make it a must go for any biker in San Antonio. The name, Greenway, is exactly how it looks. It runs for 13 miles within trees and the evergreen ground. Ensure you carry your camera for ultimate fun. There are lots of bird species, and you may need to carry a bird book to identify the birds. It is designed to be part of the biking experience.


Brackenridge Park

The park is more than beautiful, and there are enough activities to keep you the whole day. Be sure to carry snacks, especially if you are coming with kids. The park is home to San Antonio Zoo, Sunken Garden Theater as well as the Japanese Tea Garden. Besides, there are multiple ball fields for your entertainment. Concrete trails run through the park with longest one going for 1.5 miles. If you need more ground to cover, keep rotating or extend to the exterior of the park for more experience. It is considered best for family biking adventures and beginners.


O.P Schnabel Park

The park was established in 1977. It sits on 202 acres. Litter policies enhance the natural beauty of the park. It has become a culture of the park renowned for its tidiness across Texas. The biking trails range from 1 mile to over 7, which offers flexibility for all kinds of riders. Whether you are doing it alone or as a family, you are guaranteed awesome experiences. Part of the trails is on hard pack soil, some on concrete, and others on asphalt. There is limited space for the playground; it is mainly covered by trees with trails meandering through the canopies. It is a natural beauty you should not miss while in this part of Texas.


Salado Creek Greenway

If scenic views define your adventure, the five miles on this biking trail will be an interesting experience. Forest and bluffs including Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park and Voelcker farmstead are part of the highlights as you traverse the northern part of the trail. You will have to stop to breathe in the fresh air of Texas and enjoy the natural beauty of Salado Creek. Most people pause their bike riding at this point for a picnic. It can also function as a bathroom break point. In Salado Creek, you should plan at least a whole afternoon. If possible, spend the whole day here; come in early and enjoy the magical sun rays through the trees.

San Antonio River Walk Bike Path

It is probably the best place for bike riding and adventure. The scattered trees on one side and plain green field define its natural beauty. Biking trail runs between these two segments. Don’t be scared with the 30 miles trail. Beginners can still experience the scenic views that offer great spots for a stopover. The paved trails meander through trees onto open ground. Most of the trail is flat. There is a lot to learn as you ride along the San Antonio River. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park offers great insights on the making of San Antonio and the establishment of the park and different trails. The oldest mission in Texas, Mission Espada, is also part of the reason you should choose this biking trail.


McAllister Park – I love riding here.

Walker Ranch Park


Behind the Rim

Government Canyon

Leon Creek

Mud Creek

Phil Hardberger Park

San Antonio is renowned for various good things like being home to Alamo. The fun and entertainment in this part of Texas are unimaginable. Antonio has a rich history of its terrain and various aspects of nature. It is one of the best places for bike riding. In fact, there are countless choices for you. Whether you are going as a family or alone, San Antonio offers the perfect trails for biking. It is easy to research on the available trails for your holiday but am sure it will be overwhelming, and you won’t narrow down to one.

There are countless things to do in San Antonio, and biking is a perfect way.

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