4 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Houston, Texas

Here are some of the best mountain biking trails

1. Cypress Creek

Cypress Creek is located 25 miles northwest of Houston. It is one of the most common places to visit if you need the best experience of mountain biking. It has a paved greenway path with at least 10 miles of single track to explore. The trail is well maintained and offers a wide, flat, sandy single track for riders. There are rugged obstacles to explore here too. Greater Houston Off-Road Bicycling Association (GHORBA) has put much effort to build wooden bridges and keeping the trails in excellent shape for you.

2. Jack Brooks Park

This is the most suitable place for experienced mountain bikers. It has all features you can ever want in a rugged trail; from well-maintained single tracks to steep climbs, the park has all you need. Both seasoned bikers, as well as amateur riders, have a chance to satisfy their needs. Not only will the experienced mountain bikers enjoy the time but also offer spectators spectacular views. The abundant short steep hills will give you the opportunity to build skill and experience in ruggedness. GHORBA warns riders to be careful on killer roots, steam-crossings, and bridges.

There are local bike shops, camping, and hiking opportunities to make the experience worthwhile. There is enough space in the park to allow cyclists to race. In fact, there are racing events as a way of encouraging and motivating amateur riders. This park is, therefore, a lively place filled with people who love the sport.

3. George Mitchell Nature Reserve

This more than 3.5-mile single-track trail features a flat, tight, and twisty biker’s path. George Mitchell Nature Reserve is a good place to improve your riding skills. Moreover, it is a good place to go as a group of friend. You may also take your family, as there are many activities to enjoy here. If you are not an experienced biker, it would be wise to take a seasoned mountain biker to help with the kids. GHORBA advises riders to take precautions while riding. For example, slowing down and announcing before making sharp turns. The design of the trails makes it challenging to negotiating the sharp bends hence the presence of many blind corners. The spacious parking lots allow many riders to come with their families for group cycling experiences.

4. The Terry Hershey Park

Terry Hershey Park is located in west Houston along the edge of the Buffalo Bayou. It is named after a popular head of the conservative movement responsible for its reservation. If you want the greatest challenges in mountain biking, this is the place to be. It offers ten miles of steep climbs, hard-pack, gravel, trees, and roots to make your ride complicated. This park has facilities such as restrooms, playgrounds, and exercise stations meaning their opportunities for a wide variety of activities if you come with family. It is very accommodative and can host many groups of people on various occasions. You will probably not be alone whenever you are here.

If you are an experienced rider and need to get some challenging tasks, this is the place to be. You can extend your ride with up to eleven more miles into George Park Hike and Bike Trail. GHORBA plans to extend it farther north and east for seasoned mountain bikers to make the most of the experience here. To the North, it will extend to the Addicks Dam while to the East it is set to expand into the Eldridge Parkway. The organization plans to extend it to the west too. Riders will soon be allowed to explore the Metros Addicks Park/Ride lot, as the new Terry Hershey Park grows larger and more challenging. These future expansions will give both amateurs and seasoned riders more for their money.

Here, you also have a chance to bring your family and enjoy the extra activities. The presence of parking lots means you have enough space to come with private cars and keep them safe. Riders from various parts of the country can visit this park anytime and feel comfortable too. These parking lots are also well distributed in the park to reduce congestion. Most people choose to park in the Highway 6 lot, Beltway 8 or Dairy Ashford Road lot.


Mountain biking can be exciting if you find the right trails and the outskirts of Houston has a lot to offer. Whether you are a visitor in this city or a resident, you have a chance to have the best experience in the trails of Houston. There are parking lots to keep your car safely and explore the trails with your family and friends. There are many activities to do here, and there is enough space to host many people without congestion. The Greater Houston Off Road Bicycling Association (GHORBA) maintains and plans to extend the space too.

Houston offers great places to take out your mountain bike and fun in the rugged woods on vacation or weekend. The organization is committed to keeping the trails safe and in good condition for mountain bikers. We sampled some of the popular trails according to this organization for you.

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