5 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Southern California

We compiled some of the best mountain biking trails in Southern California for you.

1. San Juan Trail

San Juan Trail is located east of San Juan Capistrano and is among the most technical rides in this county. The trail has a myriad of switchbacks to explore making it the best place for seasonal mountain bikers in this region. The most popular place is the steep top, which is the highlight of the trail. You will find the downhill section to the bottom worth the try. The combination of features will give you an exciting that you will not be doing just once. This trail offers different trail options for amateurs separately from experts. You do not have to get to the red zone with the steepest places, which need experienced maneuvers.

The entire distance of the loop out and back is 22 miles and will take between 3 and 4 hours to complete. Beware that this is a popular trail and is likely to be crowded with bikers. The user density on weekends is often high, and you will need to slow down and announce your presence on sharp bends. Avoid accidents by taking the necessary precautions on the single track.

2. Noble Canyon Trail

The Noble Canyon Trail is located in Southeast San Diego. It is the ideal place to test your riding skills and improve your overall ability to explore the rocky and rough terrain. Apart from the challenging single track, tight switchbacks, dirt, rock, and sand. There is a lot of different sceneries to enjoy, but you will need a pass from the National Forest Adventure to gain access.

The single track begins with alpine meadows and oak trees and transitions into typical countryside chaparral into the arid climate. It takes between 3 and 4 hours to complete the entire 22 miles out and back. The rolling terrain of the Noble Canyon trail is best suited for advanced mountain bikers. Visiting this place on the weekend means you will be competing with many horsemen and hikers. However, the trail is somewhat open and free on weekdays.

3. Backbone Trail in Santa Monica

This is a popular Los Angeles trail because it has something to offer to every wilderness lovers. From fire, road is climbing to rocky technical sections, and lush sceneries, there is always something to share with your friends or family. What makes the trail most popular is the rich history behind it. Some of the sections of the trail are the places that provide backdrops for Hollywood movies. This area has been used in movies and TV series since the 1970s making it one of the best mountain biking trails in southern California.

Throughout the 13 miles, you can always pose to take captivating views of the wide exterior. It will take you between 3 and 4 hours to complete the 13-mile single-track stretch. If you are not an expert, you will need the services of a seasoned biker because the trail offers serious challenges to its explorers. Given its popularity, the place is crowded especially on weekends.

4. Del Cerro Trail

This is the place to enjoy the best views during their entire trail. It has refreshing spectacular scenes visible from every spot in the trail. Your view will extend to the Pacific Ocean, which is one of the main attractions of the trail. On weekends, the place is filled with hikers who wish to enjoy the sunny weekend. It is, therefore, best if you get there first in the morning to beat the crowds. You do not want to compete with horsemen, joggers, and hikers in the sunny exterior.

The oceanfront attraction is the one thing that will catch your attention and probably distract you from your mountain biking. This irresistible view will stop you from time to time as you pause to appreciate its beauty. It will also help ease the workload of tough terrain and hills to climb. The 10 miles single track on gravel road will take approximately 2 hours to complete. The most amazing thing about this trail is that it offers something for everyone present. You, however, would not want to be found here on weekends if you want privacy because of the large crowds all over the 10-mile stretch.

5. Chiquito Trail

This is a rocky place naturally designed for seasoned mountain bikers with ambition for challenging surfaces. This single-track rocky trail resembles a shuttle and starts at Blue Jay Campground. You will experience a unique forested environment too. The difficult rock rollers are the most attractive part of the trail in the San Juan trail. The highlight of this expedition is when the terrain goes from fun, easy to complex and rocky with steep climbs and bends.

It will take you just under 2 hours to complete the 9 miles of Chiquito single tracks. Moderate riders can also explore this rocky trail. It is however, important to be accompanied by an experienced rider. Beware that this is no place for family outings and involving learners.

Southern California has one of the most inviting climates and diverse terrains; from its mountains to splendor beaches. Among the biggest beneficiaries of these evolving terrains, are hikers, joggers, and bikers. The community living around the SoCal area have access to special parks with trails for mountain bikers.

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