6 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Denver Colorado Area

Almost every terrain is suitable for biking in this region but here is a selection of the best mountain biking trails in Denver for ultimate fun and experience.

White Ranch-Golden, CO

Whether you prefer double trails or single trails, the White Ranch has a lot to offer for your fun and experience. It is considered best for advanced riders but also gives a chance to intermediate riders to push themselves. If you are a newbie, you might want to avoid the sandy near a rock, which is near the parking lot. It’s no prohibition, and you can use the challenges to explore more with biking and grow your skills.

The ranch is a network of biking trails. It is not possible to experience the magic of the multiple trails in a day, and if you are planning to be in Denver for vacation, you might want to extend your vacation because of White Ranch. The most popular route is going up with the left side, and then come down the steep hill with a single track. Decent sun exposure makes it special.

Buffalo Creek-Pine, CO

The trail is near the Denver Metro area, which makes it less prone to crowding even during the warm seasons, which the town records many bikers. The climbs and descents are fair; neither of these is steep. While the climbing trail is long relatively difficult, it is long, which makes it easy to establish a pattern and maintain momentum to conquer the hill. It is considered best for beginners; it is a fair challenge that gives you pride in successfully completing your first ride.

The fire road twisted single track, and technical aspects of the trail are a great combination for any rider. The trails are being enhanced for more thrill targeting the gravity enthusiasts.

Bergen Peak-Evergreen, CO

The single track in Denver Metro area is unlike any other. It has a steep climb, which is made easy to conquer with incredible views of nature. Whether you are at advanced levels, a beginner, or intermediate rider, there is a challenge for you. While most riders think of a balance in downhill and uphill, descending seems to be more challenging. You can cover the steep uphill and downhill in a few hours depending on your bike and adventure level; sometimes, adventure in bike riding is a combination of skill and risk-taking. A beginner has to have the decent endurance to enjoy this biking trail. I have rode this trail many times and made it to the top a few. The full round trip top to bottom can take over 3 hours and feels like a marathon.

Apex- Golden, CO

Apex is a distinguished biking trail because of its distance. This might set your record on the longest distance you have covered as a rider. The single track is in form of figure 8 that goes back and forth. It is confusing for first timers, but you won’t get lost. Most riders start from the right side of the eight, which is a hard climb. It is best to start from this point when you have full energy. Downhill is less challenging because of the switchbacks as you near the left side. The left is dominated by forest; it is among the best mountain biking trails in Denver. The fresh breath in the Enchanted Forest and beautiful views sets apart this trail from the endless options in Denver.

The trail is not only popular with riders but also hikers, runners, and equestrian users.

Dakota Ridge-Denver, CO

Descend is the same as the hard uphill beginning, steep and brief. The trail rotates but brings you back to the parking lot. It all begins with a hard uphill task that won’t last for minutes; it triggers your riding skills. The traversing through technical red rocks makes it more fun. Dakota Ridge will always come among the top whenever you ask riders in Denver to mention favorite biking trails. If you like to experience the bumpy trails from hard rocks as well as small ledges with little climbs, this is a great option. Its popularity attributes to the crowds during the warm seasons. The trails splits off at some point into Morrison slide and Red Rocks; the split at Matthews ends, and the two reconnect to direct you back to the parking lot.

Betasso Preserve

The direction of the trail is dependent on the day of the week. At times, every rider is required to go clockwise while on other days, the trail goes anticlockwise. The trail is multi-purpose; hikers and equestrians also find it interesting. Because of its popularity and crowding in peak seasons, Wednesdays and Saturdays are prohibited for riders. Both the uphill and descend gradients are considered friendly hence suitable for intermediate, beginners, and advanced riders. Betasso Preserve is probably the oldest trail, which maintains its magic; it can’t miss among the best mountain biking trails in Denver.

Denver is home to the most beautiful trails in the state. The capital city is renowned for a huge number of bikers because of the natural terrain and friendly policies. In Denver, rocks and logs on the way are considered challenges rather than obstacles. If you are thinking to go for bike riding in Denver, it is a good choice. Nothing you have heard about the capital city is false; in fact, it is popular within the rainy seasons that authorities have to loop or routes or restrict the availability of bikes on some days to deal with the crowding.

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