Best Mountain Biking Trails in Florida

If you love mountain biking, then the landscape of Florida is the best for you to enjoy mountain bike riding. The beautiful landscape is just waiting for you to be explored. Just get your water and granola bars packed and have fun at Florida’s mountain bikes tracks.


Alafia River State Park

Alafia River State Park is one of the most favorite track for mountain biking among the mountain bike riders. This pretty much cool track of intermediate level is approximately 14 miles long. The single tracks of this park are IMBA EPIC certified. At the different area of this Alafia River State Park track, you may find different levels of difficulty while having a fun experience. At Alafia River State Park, you can easily find the easiest (a nice novice) area for bike riding which can be covered even by a child with ease and a highly advanced section too for enjoying an adventurous bike ride. You can find some easy loops too there at Alafia River State Park which are marked with clear directions sign for the guidance of bike riders. The rinsing stations are also available at Alafia River State Park.

Here, you can be a part of some other activities too other than bike riding such as volleyball, football, etc. This can be the best thing for you during your stay there it is because when you do not want to enjoy bike riding and want something different to do, then you can be a part of these activities easily. If you want to enjoy a break at the mountains biking track of the Alafia River State Park, you can find plenty of shaded pavilions to take rest.

One more thing that you can enjoy here is camping. If you love this track and want to have more fun then, camping is the best option for you to avail. The facilities that you can find at Alafia River State Park make this the best area for enjoying biking.

Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve

Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve is another best mountain track for the bike riders to enjoy the adventure in Florida. This is not a well-known are for mountain biking. It is because this is often overshadowed by other tracks of mountain biking. But if you want to have more fun in Florida during your mountain bike riding journey, then this track can be considered as another best track. This track is situated in the area where once phosphate mines were used to be. This track is a bit hidden from the major roads which are a cause of its harder to find issue than other well-known tracks for biking.

Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve is 20 miles in length, and more than 20 consecutive miles of them are forested loop trail. Here you can find a beautiful front view of the lake and large fields that you can enjoy along with your mountain biking track.

Santos Florida

The other best mountain bike track in Florida that you may love to visit is Santos. This one of the best biking track in Florida is 85 miles long. In the Ocala area, Santos is one of the largest mountain biking tracks. The Greenway was born in late 1960 at the time when Cross Florida Barge Canal project was ended. Santos Florida has perfectly fine direction marks that can be helpful for the riders to estimate the directions for their next turn. The most advanced track is marked with the red color and this area you can found around the two-abundant mining lowest points easily.

You have to be careful while traveling on this track. It is because the huge area of this track can let you get lost with ease in the case if you are not much familiar to this area. So, it would be a better option for you to explore this area with your team to have more fun and enjoyment on one of the largest mountain biking track of Florida. The locals that you can find around the track are enough friendly that can help you to find the directions in case if you lost your way. Or if you are having any confusion related to your directions you can easily consult with the local citizen to get better directions without having any issue.

The track of Santos Florida is varied at some places you will find a flat surface, but at some places, the surface is a bit rocky. Some places on the track are rolling while other ones are bit steep. It is better for you to spend at least one week there at Santos Florida it is because you are never going to get tired with the track. You can find two best bike rental places too in this area. So, do not afraid to give them a try. At this track, you can find a restroom, fresh water to drink and a pump track too that can help you to enjoy more. The restrooms can be used at the time when you want to have a break.

Some other smaller tracks around Santos Florida that you can visit are:

Ern N Burn

Ern N Burn is a single-track of 3 miles length at Santos. It is one of the most highly rated biking tracks in Florida. You can have double fun at this track because it is not a loop.


Anthill is one of the best expert level track for mountain biking at Santos. But it is a bit smaller track which holds itself less than one mile regarding its length.

Imba Red

Imba Red is a highly recommended track for advanced mountain bikers. This cool and adventurous track has 2 miles length. It has ladder tracks, rock gardens and some other obstacles that only an advanced mountain biker can experience to enjoy. The track does not have any by the way to surprise the riders, and it is really easy to find your directions or way on this full of adventure track.


If you talk about the area of Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve, then Ridgeline is one of the most popular mountain track in this area that you can explore to have more fun. This popular track is approximately 2 miles long, and due to the fast-paced section of this track, you may feel that you are riding your bike in an amusement park and enjoying a roller coaster ride. This is a shape-changing track, but you can have great fun while riding your bike on this track.

Markham Park

Markham Park is the next best track to explore in Florida according to our list. This is 10 miles long mountain tracks best to explore for the bike riders of advanced level. The dug lakes in the area of this track can be a real challenge for the experienced bike riders. This beautiful and small piece of land is situated about 30 miles north of Miami, and it is really easy for you to reach this beautiful destination to have great enjoyment. If you are thinking to explore this track, then it is the best for you to keep an eye on the hurdles that you may face during your ride on this track. It is because these hurdles are not easy to see always. And avoid exploring this track if there has been raining because this can make this trial tough for the riders.

20th Avenue Gainesville

The next best track for mountain biking is 20th Avenue Gainesville in Florida. It is the best place for the beginners to enjoy the mountain biking and has a fire road at the end of this track. This is the track with minor elevation changing which made this a best and easiest trial for the beginners than other popular tracks for mountain biking. If you want to get a better experience in riding, then this can be the best area for you to try your skills and to improve your talent. But it is not a better idea to travel to Gainesville to cover this track only.

Chuck Lennon Park

Chuck Lennon Park is an awesome track for mountain biking in Florida. Although this is a small track of intermediate level, it has five different tracks that a biker can enjoy and one dirt jump area too for the riders to have more fun. It can be a better place to challenge the skills of any beginner. Wild Turkey is one of the newest trials that can put you to test with the switchbacks, small drops, and bridges. Directions all along the track are finely marked for the guidance of bikers. But keep in mind that on this track you are not allowed to enjoy biking at night. On a regular basis, Chuck Lennon Park closes with sunset.

Screaming Hawk and Raccoon Run are two even better places to enjoy bike riding there it is because the difficulty level of these two places is a bit higher.


Are you going to visit Tallahassee? Tom Brown can be a better destination for you although Cadillac and Tom Brown are two separate areas technically if you look them as a trial system but these both tracks interlock each other in a very fine way that you will feel them unified. It is a better track with good technical features. You can practice any of the biking skills that you want to work on to improve your biking skills. Climbs, root, and log bridges are some of the best features that you may love to enjoy there.

Timberlane School Road Trail

Timberlane School Road Trail is another best track that you should never miss. Although this is one of the shortest track for the mountain bike riding in Florida, this can be one of the best destinations for the mountain bike riders without any argument. At this one-mile shortest track you can get a lot of explosions to enjoy the best ride ever. This small piece of land is great for the bikers who love adventure the most.

San Felasco

San Felasco can be a better stop to enjoy if you are going to visit central Florida. If you are the one who loves the quick downhills following the gentle climbs, then San Felasco is going to be the best place for you to visit. San Felasco is approximately 25 to 30 miles long. This park is a bit smooth single-track where you can find a lot of hills unlike the other major tracks in Florida.

This can be the best trial for you just because you can do easy and harder both trials there. The interconnecting loops that you can find all along this trial will make you able to get a lot of variety concerning route and distance. You can also find the best area for hiking and horse riding there, but the trials were used for horse riding are different than the trials being used by the bike riders.

Bottom Line

Florida has a beautiful landscape. No one needs to search a geographic map to know the fact that Florida is flat. So, it can be a surprise for you to know that there are the best tracks available for the mountain bike riders in Florida. These tracks are not the same as the single-tracks that can be found on mountains, but the mountain bike riders can have a lot of fun while riding on these trials of Florida. If you are one who loves adventures, then these mountain trials of Florida are going to be one of the most adventures trials for you. It is because you have to face different challenges on these tracks.

These are some best places that you can visit if you are found to ride a mountain bike in Florida. This information can be best for you to know because most of the people consider Florida flat and boring place. But now after knowing the ways to enjoy the adventures in Florida it is the best time for you to plan a visit to Florida. It will be super amazing to enjoy the ups and downs of Florida to have more fun during your visit.



Here are some of the best mountain biking trails in South Florida:


Shark Valley Loop

The park is directly west of Miami, awesome view, which is everything you need on a holiday or Saturday afternoon. It is probably the best biking trail in Florida because it is a beautiful entrance to Everglades National Park. There is no traffic except a tram. It is an experience you don’t want to miss; you will meet the tram about four times as you ride on the paved trail. The trail goes for 15 miles. It begins with a wide 20 feet concrete then narrows down to help you focus on the distance. Long-distance cyclists find it fun and worth.

Also, Everglades National park is the first place a visitor to South Florida should consider. There is no better entry to the Park other than through the Shark Valley Loop. Bike riding is the ideal introduction to Southern Florida. You don’t have to be fast; actually, you will miss most animals if you go fast. Beginners can hack the ride. Dont forget to watch for snakes and gators.


The Lake Trail

The paved 5-mile trail goes through the Palm Beach, where mansions and gold of Southern Florida lies. Millionaires are concentrated in this area. You will have a glimpse of the exclusive backyards as you ride under the palm shades to the waterway. Besides postcard-like sceneries, you have a chance to experience the beach breeze and coastal environment.

There is no traffic on the trail hence ideal for families. Also, the 5-mile is manageable for beginners and kids. It is a good place to start and build enthusiasm for biking because of the friendly environment and trail. You can pass by the Henry Flagler Museum or have lunch at Palm Beach.


Old Cutler

Miami is a beautiful neighborhood. An afternoon walk or chilling out seem enough for most people until they discover this biking trail. The Old Cutler trail doubles as a sidewalk, which makes it more interesting. It is no boring place because you will meet people and obstacles. You will have to maneuver tree roots hence need to maintain balance. The trail goes through park and tree canopies. The magnificent experience of the Miami trail makes it popular, and a must go for visitors on vacation.

Most of the trail is on shade. There is also Marina on the way. Additionally, there is an incredible view of Miami’s skyline and a unique man-made pool. You can actually stop for swimming. There is a lot to view in Matheson Hammock Park, seafood, coral rocks, and Red Fish Grill in several restaurants.

You will also come across Fairchild Tropical Garden renowned for its beauty and exotic plants as well as rainforest. Bicycles are not allowed in the ground to keep it natural. A meeting point of Old Cutler Road, LeJeune Road, and Sunset Road is often the beginning for biking visitors in Miami.

The trail is suitable for explorers. Families can also enjoy the views and park beauty. The obstacles limit speed.


Big Pine Key

The Florida Keys offer all-time favorite places for biking. Probably you never come across the tiny Key deer, and this is your chance; you will certainly meet one as you ride through the paved trail parallel to side roads. There is little traffic because it also doubles as a sidewalk of the main road. Wildlife services and Fish control the activities in this region.

Your ride in Big Pine Key won’t be complete if you have not been to the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge. Be sure to stop and experience the magic of the Blue Hole, and it is the only freshwater lake in Keys, which is a meeting point for wildlife including deer and gators.

If you like to adventure without restriction of trails, it is one of the best mountain biking trails in Southern Florida. The natural terrain and flexibility make it ideal for explorers. You can come along with kids but be sure to park at the bridge to No Name Key. The residential traffic is nothing to deter you from this incredible experience; however, you can choose to stick to the wild island where there is barely traffic. Either carry your bikes or rent at Big Pine Bicycle Center.

Southern Florida is flat. Obviously, there are awesome experiences in this part of the world. Incomparable biking experiences. Biking is incredible through mountains, but you will ultimately enjoy the experiences on flat surfaces with less hassle of steep mountains to sweat you out. If you are planning to go for vacation in this state, be sure to pack your headgear and bike because it is the primary source of fun. Whether you are a newbie enthusiast or expert in biking, there is a suitable trail for you.

Of course, there are numerous fun activities and entertainment in Florida. The culture and nature are beautiful. But your vacation won’t be complete without a biking experience.

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