8 Best Parks to Ride a Mountain Bike in Utah

Utah is one of the U.S states, popular for its vast expanses deserts and hilarious mountains. There are lots of routes to ride mountain bikes. Many mountain bike riders travel to Utah to experience the adventure of mountain bike riding on the most exciting and adventurous routes of mountains in the United States.

This place contains lots of amazing places where adventure lovers visit every year and enjoy amazing rides. Here we are going to describe some of the best places in Utah to ride the mountain bike

1. Wasatch Crest

The Wasatch Crest is one the best places in Utah to ride a mountain bike. This place has the route that satisfies your soul if you are keen to pedal the bike on a mountain. It offers 360-degree view all the time of riding.

The Crest has multiple access points including Mill Creek Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and the Park City. Now it’s up to you that which path do you chose according to the level adventure and challenges that you want. If you start from the Park City, you will get a good dose of climbing and the multiple loop options. It will also offer a good shuttle ride if you start from the right top of the Guardsman Pass. If you want more challenge, then choose the route between Pinecone and Crest Connector. It will offer you multiple technical challenges for which you should be prepared.

2. Dry Gulch Trail Head

Another amazing place in Utah for mountain bike riding is Dry Gulch Trail Head. The route of Dry Gulch Trail begins from Popperton Park and goes to the paved bike trail which is a short distance to the dirt track at the bottom of Dry Gulch. This place is popular for bikers as well as hikers. The mountain bike riders experience the steady climb containing some loose and rocky sections that are much difficult to ride while the hikers enjoy easily climbing this trial.

The route to reach this trail is not much simple. You have to make a few indirect drives from the Salt Lake City to reach the Dry Gulch Trail Head. First, you have to drive east on south for 2 miles to the Virginia Street. After that, you have to turn left and drive 0.5 miles to the Popperton Parkway again. From that way, you have to turn right and drive 0.1 miles more to the parking area of the place.

While riding on this track, you should follow the rules and regulation of this trail like stay on the designated trails, pack out all trash and clean up after pets, otherwise, you may face some kind of trouble.

3. Slickrock Bike Trail

Slickrock is commonly known as the best bike ride in the United States of America. It is also one of the coolest and unique experiences you can have on the bike. This trail starts from the largest parking lot which is ever dedicated to the single trial. You can come to the Slickrock practice loop in 25 miles that is much worth detour. It allows you to create compatibility with the actual Slickrock trial and add another fun mile to your ride.

The actual trial is a never-ending series of short and steep climbs. The rock on the trail offers incredible traction, and after some time, you will realize that everything on this trial is rideable. Because of the intersection with the practice loop, you will have a short connection with the actual loop. Along with this part of the trial, you will come to experience the cool Abyss Canyon view down and the intersection with a 4×4 trial called Hell’s Revenge.

At 2 miles, there is another loop part of this lollipop where the preferred direction is clockwise, so you should take a left and climb along the ‘swiss cheese ridge’ high above to the Moab. This route is long and straight in direction while the ups and downs are steep over there.

At 3.5 and 5 miles, there are also optional spurs that will lead you to the edge of the cliff where you will experience the best views of this whole place, and it will be definitely worth your distance.

4. Dead Horse Point State Park

It is another amazing place to ride a mountain bike in Utah which is 32 miles away from Moab and 2,000 feet above from the Colorado River which provides an eye-catching landscape unfurls. It offers the amazing visual masterpiece views of immense cliffs that meet with the canyons carved by water, ice and wind.

The geologic activity of millions of years created the spectacular views of the Dead Horse Point State Park in the people’s mind. The deposition of sentiment and the wind-blown sand dunes had created the multiple rock layers of canyon country that amuse the riders a lot. It exactly seems like igneous activity had made the mountain into the rise of cool blue islands from the desert below.

There are miles of pet-friendly hiking trails developed in the park. It offers a paved trail that provides easy and smooth access to the amazing scenic views of this place. The bike riders will love the Trail System at Dead Horse Point State Park that offers incredible scenery, looping singletrack, Slickrock sections, sandy washes in the whole Utah state.

5. Eagle Mountain Ranch Bike Park

The Eagle Mountain Ranch Bike Park offers the best stunt adventures to bikers in Utah. There are different man-made stunts available in the park like a pump track, jump line, skills park and multiple technical trails that will amuse the bikers to ride on.

All these stunts are available in different ranges. It offers 110 trial for beginners and a double black diamond trail for the professionals. While some of the trials broken up and not too tough to experience, you can simply pick a suitable trial according to your skills and experience.

This park is situated in the south end side of the east Eagle Mountain. It is placed in the power line corridor hits the mountain. The jump line, skills park and the pump track are placed under the power lines with very subtle slope while the DH and XC trails are situated in the south of the park where juniper-covered hillside is placed.

The skills park provides multiple ramps that vary from each other according to their level of difficulties. It contains some drop-offs and the area where the large flat-top rocks are placed for trial hops.

To the south of the skills park, there is placed a pump track. It contains a huge track with dozens of riding lines build with bumps and the semi-circle banks. In case you are new at the Eagle Mountain Ranch Bike Park and don’t know about the pump track, you can come to Saturday and ask anybody to teach you in this regard.

The DH trails are built with the concept that the rider may cover all the mountainsides of the stunt area. It is designed in an anti-clockwise manner so that the rider goes by the west border of the park to the uphill in a smoother way. While the hillside trails are build in the way that you can do small loops, uphill to the south end and can pick any route to get back at the bottom.

Well, it is the best mountain bike riding park in the state for both early and late season riding. So visit this place and experience the amaze of man-made adventures.

6. Gooseberry Mesa

Gooseberry Mesa is another amazing place for mountain bike riding in Utah. It is the world-class trail where you might find people from all around the world that come here for mountain bike riding. It is one of the best trails all around the world that contains twisty singletrack, rolling Slickrock and the vistas for mountain bike riding.

It offers multiple ways to ride over the trail. All the trails are marked with the painted dots on the Slickrock and different signs available at every junction of the trial.

The Gooseberry Mesa is located 15 minutes east from the Hurricane on Highway 59. There is placed a large sign on Highway 59 that directs you to the Gooseberry Mesa. The road that leads you to the Gooseberry Mesa is little bumpy from different places, but you can easily travel in a car on this road by driving it slow. You can travel on this road throughout the year but do not travel on it after the storm. It may cause any danger.

7. Bearclaw Poppy and Snake Pit Loop

This full of fun and the fast loop starts where the Navajo Drive ends in the Bloomington area of Saint George. This trail is structured in a figure of eight in order to minimize the traffic and load and enhance the fun factor on this trail. At the start of the trail, you may face the network of the maze of trials so that it becomes impossible to have turn by turn directions. In this network, the trials come all together so that most of the trials will get you there.

To start the ride, you have to cross the fence and take the Bloomington Trails which will go exactly on your left. Follow that trail for about 2 miles which will lead you to the base of Acid Drops. After that, you have to cross the Bearclaw Poppy Trail. You don’t have to follow that trail to the Green Valley. Just simply continue your ride for 5 miles to Stucki Springs along the base of bluff and then turn left to make your way towards the small dry wash called Snake Pit section.

Here your fun will start. The Snake Pit Section is a smooth and fast trail down along the wash. Once the wash opens, you have to take a back up to the left and travel to the base of Acid Drops. This trail will directly lead to the Bearclaw Poppy roller coaster. You will love this exciting and adventures down trail mountain bike ride.

8. Yellow Fork Canyon

Yellow Fork is amazingly the best trial at Rose Canyon. There are two options to ride on. One: 7-mile singletrack loop ride containing 1300 vertical feet of climbing and Second: a 2 mile doubletrack ride that leads to the beautiful picnic area. You can simply choose from both the rides according to your riding skills and experiences.

The singletrack ride is generally preferred to the mountain bike riders that have moderate technical skills. It offers easy access at the lower attitudes, but there requires an advanced tech strategy to deal with the topper side. The climbing on this track is easy except for the last mile that occurs before the summit. While on the north side of the slope, the trial remains snowy in throughout winter and the early spring. That’s why the best time to experience this trail is from late April to early November.

You may spend most of the time with different small creeks during your ride. You may see wild turkeys, squirrels, rabbits and deer on trial. Also, lots the maples and oaks will provide you shade overhead during the ride. The Yellow fawn lily, grass grow under the trees, and the dwarf waterfalls will make your ride amazingly pretty.

The loop of this trail can be ridden through multiple directions. Well, it is preferred to follow the clockwise direction because it is much easier to navigate your way. It is also preferred that you should come with complete preparation and keep the trail description, map, and the odometer with you throughout the whole ride.

Well, we suggest you to definitely visit the above-described places in Utah if you are adventure lover and a mountain bike rider so far. This place will definitely make your trip worthy.

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