My Texas Adventure Riding Strong Mountain Bike

When you are a very wealthy man, there are some things you can do whenever you want. You can demand anything and get them instantly. You can spend your money and time on anything while other people make money for you.

Such is the type of life I lived. I loved going on mountain biking, mountain climbing, going on safaris. Mention anything that had to do with outdoor activities, and I have probably done everything.

The last one I did almost hot me in trouble. I had this urge to go mountain biking in Texas, so I researched the place places to do it. I settled on Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso, Texas.

I had my secretary get me all the necessary permits that I needed. Then I flew from New York to Texas. I got the best hotel close to the airport, and I made arrangements for a helicopter to transport me and my mountain bike to the mountain. The plan was to drop me somewhere on the mountain and then I have fun riding on the mountain.

One disadvantage about being wealthy is that some people are always going their best to do something bad to you for one reason or the other, in one way or another.

The next morning I was woken up very early in the morning as I had requested. The helicopter had arrived. I got to the roof of the helicopter, and I got inside. My trusty mountain bike was already waiting for me.

I had purchased the mountain bike about three years before, and I had had some modifications made to it. It was the best mountain bike that anyone could hope to have.

Some of the best features of the bike was a compartment where I could store up to five large bottles of water and snacks for when I was tired when riding on the mountain.

The mountain bike also had a very strong front and rear tires which can perform excellently well on any ragged surface. Whenever I was on the bike, I fell powerful.

One other modification that I was planning to add to the bike was the ability to shoot out parachute when I decide to launch myself and the bike off a tall cliff.

I always smile whenever I remember the look on the face of the engineer who did all my modifications. He had looked at me like I was very crazy. He had said he would look into it to see if it was possible.

Since I was always in danger due to other people’s actions, I also wanted weapons installed in the bike so that I could shoot back at enemies who shoot at me.

I dressed in my best mountain biking attire which included a helmet, pants, jersey, and jacket. I made sure that they were not very expensive to keep away unwanted attention from myself.

The helicopter lifted and carried me to my desired destination. The pilot of the helicopter worked for a branch of my company in Texas. I gave him the directions to the location that I wanted.

When we got there, he landed on a flat rock, and I got out from the helicopter with my bike. When I got to a safe distance, he lifted off, and I waved at him. With me were also my camera and binoculars. These were very expensive because I wanted the very best.

Once the helicopter disappeared, I began my adventure. Whenever I found something interesting, I would stop the bike and take pictures with the camera.

I took pictures of a lot of interesting animals and birds. I planned to leave the area in the evening, so I had with me my mobile phone which is intended to use to call the helicopter to come and pick me up.

After a while, I rested and drank a little water from one of the bottles and ate some snacks. O craved for a cup of coffee, and I berated myself for not bringing it along on my adventure.

I placed the binoculars to my face, and that was when I saw the people on mountain motorbikes coming in my direction. There were six of them. The binoculars could enable me to show vivid images of the people I saw. I noticed that three of them carried automatic weapons.

They were certainly here for me, and I knew that. I wondered how they knew that I would be here. Someone in my company was compromised.

I got in my bike and rode away, hoping they hadn’t seen me. I was not that lucky. I now had a big problem. They were on motorbikes while I was on a mountain bike. They would catch up with me. Right then, the parachuting modification made a whole lot of sense.

If I had the parachuting modification made, I would lure the men to a tall cliff and launch myself off it. That way, they would remain helpless while I would make good my escape.

I pedaled my bike very fast, and at the same time, I brought out my phone and made a call to the pilot. I explained the situation to him and urged him to come very quickly.

I looked back and saw that the men were moving closer to me. I rode faster, my legs pumping up and down.

“Stop, or we shoot!” They kept screaming while I moved in zigzag directions that threw them off. I kept looking for narrow places where I could pass but where they couldn’t. I felt both anger and disappointment that they disturbed my wonderful adventure on the mountain.

After a while, I heard the helicopter before I saw it. I looked back and saw my pursuers pointing at the helicopter too.

I found a narrow path and swerved into it. I got out on a narrow man-made bridge, and the kind made with strong ropes and nets. Without thinking, I ride over it to the other side

I looked back and saw that the men had abandoned their bikes and were now on foot, chasing me.

I waved with one hand at the pilot trying to tell him my plan. Thankfully, he got my signals, and he landed the helicopter on a flat surface. I rode hard and fast to the helicopter whose door was already opened.

I jumped in and dragged the bike after more. “Go! Go!” I ordered the pilot

And we escaped the pursuers.

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