Our Mountain Biking Trip and Spider Bite was Unforgettable

Our group including me, Charlotte, Stacy, Nancy, and Isabella are known in our entire high school for the extraordinary things that we do. We love adventure, and as a group, we never back down from any challenge or any kind of thrill the world has to offer. Now coming back to point, as friends we have done many things. But everywhere we’ve been, our parents are always behind us.

They are always behind us because of our security and think that we’re still too small to explore this extraordinary world. Well, we wanted to prove them wrong. And for that, we had a great plan. There was this huge mountain behind our school. Many people go there. Some say that it’s dangerous. That’s what attracted us to that place. That it’s dangerous. So the four of us decided that we’ll skip school one day and go to explore that mountain. It had great roads and other facilities, and so I understood the fact that it’ll not be a huge deal for us.

We were eagerly waiting for that day. Every time, something or the other arises because of which we have to cancel our plans. Be it surprise tests or any kind of submission, and there was something, or the other would arise because of which we were stopped from achieving our target. So as days passed, our patience level would increase. So finally the day arrived.

There was nothing special in school that day, and hence the three of us decided that it’s the perfect day for us to go for mountain biking. We had our mountain bikes with us as we knew that the chance for mountain biking would come any day and we didn’t want to miss it. So after we were assured of the fact that nothing special was on school that day, we rode our mountain bikes to the starting point of the mountain.

As we could easily see, the mountain was huge. Like it was massive. Looking at it we felt that there’s no way that we will be able to make it to the top. But hey! We have done such things before, and I feel that we can do this too.

So now we officially started our highly anticipated adventure. The mountain was not an official place for mountain biking. So we could not find any officials over there. That’s great. We friends will have more personal time together.

So as we moved forward, we got to see so many interesting things. There were different insects, different kinds of trees, flowers and lots more. Truly mother nature had blessed this place with everything she has. After riding for some time, we stopped for breakfast. Our parents packed us food for school. We decided to eat that. We took rest under a nearby tree. All four of us had a great time eating our breakfast.

It was delicious as always, and as always we shared our food. After a great time and after clicking a few selfies, We continued riding our mountain bikes. Suddenly Stacy stopped her bike. She started throwing up. It was horrible. She was feeling sick. Her body temperature suddenly rose up, and she was in no condition to move forward. We started asking her various questions about what could be the possible reason for her such a bad condition. After she came back to her senses, she said that this could be possibly an allergic reaction.

And that’s when I noticed something. There was a huge red bump on her back. It looked disgusting. Looking at that Isabella suddenly said that it was a spider’s bite. All of us panicked. Suddenly we all started wondering if Stacy could eventually be the first spider woman. That would’ve been pretty dope.

Well, jokes apart. We had to do something. We just cannot leave her here. Nor can we call for help as this place has no healthcare service. We started freaking out. But we have faced worse situations than this before. Finally, we figured out something. We made her sit on her seat of her mountain bike, and we’ll push her bike chance by chance. That’ll be great. We’ll wait for her to get well and eventually continue our trip. Though she was quite a slim girl, pushing the bike with her sitting on it was quite a task. After each of us pushed her by taking chances, we finally got a huge surprise. It was a small shop. An old man was running the shop. He had all the necessities a person would ask for. When we asked him for some help, he happily gave us. He gave her an instant energy drink. That gave her a little bit of energy to finally stand up.

After that, we asked him if we could stay near his shop to take some rest. That man was more than kind. He let us stay there for as long as we want. After having the energy drink, Stacy was feeling great. She got up by herself and said that she’s ready to get on her bike and that she’ll be fine. We all were glad to see her back with full energy. After resting there for quite some time, we continued riding our mountain bikes.

As mentioned before, the place was beautiful. The scenery was mesmerizing, and that’s all we could ask for. In the future when we grow up and have kids, we’ll be able to share all the experiences that we are having now. That’ll be so awesome. So now it was afternoon. It was lunchtime. We usually get lunch at school. Now we know that we are doomed. We have no food. Ghosh! How could we be so foolish?

Like nobody ever forgets to pack food while going on a trip. I just couldn’t believe myself. But that’s when Nancy came out with a surprise. She had packed food for all of us. So yeah that was sorted. But here’s the problem. Nancy is a fitness freak. And guess what she brought? Salad. Salad on a day where we need tons of energy. When we asked about this to her, she said that she didn’t even think in her wildest dreams that we’ll forget to pack lunch.

She’s right.

We finally agreed and had lunch. We had to fill our bellies with salad. It was not bad though. After all that we continued our journey. It was approximately three in the afternoon. It was hot. And the fact that we don’t have food or water till we reach our destination was driving me crazy. We only had one bottle of energy drink that the old man gave us. Our energy started fading away.

Driving mountain bikes by just having breakfast and salad will surely not give us enough energy. We knew that better than anyone. But still, we continued. This trip is going nowhere near to as planned. Suddenly, I don’t know. I fell asleep during riding. But when I opened my eyes, I saw that I’m lying down somewhere between the forest. I started looking here and there. I got up and looked here and there. Suddenly I heard someone chanting my name.

Sure enough, they were my friends. Finally, I understood from where the sound was coming. They were calling me from up. I asked them about how did I reach here. They said that I suddenly passed out and fell from there. The miracle was that I was not injured. So now they had to figure out a plan to help me and get me out of here. They didn’t have any kind tool to get me out of here.

Suddenly they hear a voice from behind. “Want some help?” It was an old man. We took rest before in his shop. He came near them with a rope. He threw the rope at me and told me to catch it. After I got hold of the rope, all of my friends and that man pulled me up. I was finally safe and was back with my friends. That man then told us to go with him. He took us somewhere where we had a shock of a lifetime.

He took us to a house. When we entered that house, our parents were standing there. Yes! All of them. My mom came near me and said that they came to know that we didn’t go to school. She continued saying that when they came to know about this, they approached our school. There many students told our parents that we went to the mountain behind. So for our safety, our parents left this old man behind us.

He was following us all this time for our safety. I hugged my mom when she told me this. They send this person for our safety! Truly parent’s love is something that cannot be measured. All four of us are delighted to have such wonderful parents. Yes! Another fact is that we got detention for a month. We are safe. And that’s what’s important.

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