I Trained in LA to Improve Fitness and Learn Stunts

I would be helping her get better with her mountain biking as she wanted to volunteer for an event in school. It would have been an honor, but while trying to impress Nikky a few months back, I mentioned that I was an awesome mountain biker, and I had trained with some of the best guys in my school, so I was close to being a pro in mountain biking.

“It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but now I have to prove what I cannot do,” I said to Jack who was already excited with the headline which stated; ‘Nikky wants me to teach her mountain biking.’ Jack would always implore me to go with him for some mountain biking exercise, but I’d rather sit on my butt and explore Twitter. Except for days that are overwhelming.

It shouldn’t be that hard though, at least you can mountain bike right?” Jack asked.

“No man! I can ride a bike on rocky roads but not a frigging mountain like the one here.”

The mountain here in LA has been popularly known as the hardest mountain biking track where people have reported so many injuries and obstacles too big to face.

“Not to mention, I’ll be nervous. She made the statement like it might not be her alone” I continued.

You know Nikky rarely does anything without Amanda so its pretty possible Amanda and their whole clique may be joining in” Jack responded with excitement on his face. It would be the perfect opportunity for him to flirt and probably sleep with one or two members of their clique. “So what are you gonna do man?” Jack asked.

No idea bro, I’ll probably just lie and get done with it than try to keep it up and fail.”

I might have a better suggestion though. This way, you win both ways.”

Both ways? Let’s hear the idea.”

Okay, so if this is successful, you’ll get a real shot at dating her, and you have few weeks to prep before she gets home…”

My phone rang, and it was Amanda.

Amanda calling me? That’s weird.” I said before I answered. “Hey, what’s up?” I said with confidence but still trying to sound natural.

Carl, I’m okay. Nikky said you’d be helping us with mountain biking when we get home.”

“Yeah, I volunteered,” I responded.

Oh! I thought she asked you. Would’ve said that it is true that she really likes you…”

Sorry, what did you say?”

I didn’t mean to lie, but if this is true, then this is a big opportunity.

Never mind, send my regards to Jack.”

She hung up, and I couldn’t wait for the solution Jack had in mind.

What did she say?” Jack interrupted my thought.

“She said she thought I volunteered and Nikky didn’t ask me, or she would have thought it was true that she liked me. What is the solution you said you had in mind?”

“Well, if you can train every day till she gets back then I’m sure you’ll be hot!”

“Every day?” I exclaimed.

Yeah, something good doesn’t come easy.”

“Okay, when do we start,” I asked, trying to focus on the mission.

I’m ready when you are, and we could start tomorrow.”

Mountain biking every day wasn’t as hard as it sounds, at least for the first few days before I got hit by fatigue. Jack was always the one to drag me every morning, or sometimes in the evening. I also kept tab on Nikki to make sure she was coming, and I also tried to inquire what exactly she wanted to learn to do so I could master the art on my part.

After four weeks of training, Jack and I were on our way to the track once again when we saw Amanda.

“Hey, you guys are back?” I asked after we exchanged the pleasant greeting.

“I got back today, but Nikki should be home tomorrow,” Amanda said. We had a few seconds chat before we headed our separate ways.

“We should take a break tomorrow though,” Jack said after we got up the mountain.

“Yeah, I deserve it” I responded with a smirk.

Nikki got home, and we hung out on the same day. She suggested we started the next day cos she might not be home for long, so I agreed, at least that was the point of the training.

Nikki and Amanda were the only trainees we had, and fortunately for me, they weren’t looking forward to rigorous training. Amanda spent most time hanging with Jack while I taught Nikki the stunts she wanted to know, and though it didn’t go as smoothly as I planned, I could tell that Nikki loved it and that gave me a sense of fulfillment.

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