My Favorite Places to Ride in Alabama

Are you having that antsy feeling? That old feeling which is making you feel a bit agitated–willing to get out the front door and once again take nature by surprise.

Then I guess it is time to get on your paddles and head towards the mountain biking range.

Sometimes we all want to get away from civilization–while it’s still good and try to embrace nature a little more, if you somehow feel this way but still wondering where to explore this feeling then probably you just got lucky.

The good news is one of the best destinations suitable for exploring that sort of feeling is right here in Alabama (AL).

The list below will surely get you in good spirits.


#1. Anniston, Alabama Bomb Dog

This location is clearly the longest destination for mountain bikers in Alabama (AL) with a distance of about 30 miles and an 880ft elevation–definitely, a place for delicious descends throughout the course. It is a single trail system consisting of a variety of difficulties starting from the easy beginner loop to the 9-mile intermediate loop.

There is zero entrance fee plus you are good to enter with your dog without any hassle or even that little bustle.

What makes it even much more amazing is when you get faced with that famous saying which says “two roads diverged in a woods and I followed the one less traveled,” – Robert Frost.

You guess it, and there are two diverging trail heads across the destination leading to different directions–providing you with a longer ride option throughout the course.

Figure 2 one of the great fun runs found along the course of Bomb Dog to punch on and punch over.

The two trailheads in Anniston

Bomb Dog

It is made of a 6-mile run featuring good sight lanes, rollers, and bermed turns making it a classic. It is one of the steepest trails including rocks at the top and a smooth descent where you can easily rip. Its perfectly sculpted jumps and berms are what makes this trail to have excellent flow.

Cold Water Mountain

If you are a beginner, then I suggest this is a really good place to start with. It comprises of the Baby Bear and Mama Bear trails easily constructed for beginners–which I bet you don’t want to miss as soon as you get there.

By the time you get better, there is an exciting challenge up above the mountains waiting for you.

Here is what a rider from Anniston has to say

It has a well-marked trail, plenty of maps, and lots of diversity to keep you interested. A great opportunity to meet several nice people plus lots of climbing rock gardens and great views!”

Major Trail features

Life service

Drinking water

Night riding


Winter fat biking.


#2. Oak Mountain

Earned its name as the treasure destination for mountain bikers in Alabama (AL) in the past years. If you are a fan of beautiful scenery, and good structure then you really would want a friend to drop you right at Birmingham for easy access to the best starting point exactly at the top of the mountain.

This destination features an 18-mile single trail system with an elevation of about 592ft. You are guaranteed to go through enough ups and downs to keep you on your toes along the course.

Definitely, a destination with unique spots for regular fast and easy fun rides all through the weekends as well as a destination for advanced bikers up the rocky hill.

This destination is not only a place for mountain biking but also meant for families to come and engage in a ton of activities such as camping, skiing, golfing, and boat paddling on the double Oak Lake.

In my own opinion this destination this one with the highest variety of single tracks to explore all scattered across this single destination.

Single track trails in Oak Mountain

Read Road Climb

It is a perfect starting point with a 2.3-mile smooth double track progressing upward having gradually building rocky grounds to tackle. This is designed to give you the required heart boost needed all through the run. A multiple diamond shape diving fun will be ready for you at the end of the trail.

Boulder Ridge Trail

This will surely make your heart racing a bit faster as you get prepared for your biggest challenge throughout the course. Before that, you will have a great advantage to enjoy the clean track with a little interruption from a couple of boulders. During this part of the trail, you should be expecting a great drop and a more likely steepness to tackle.

West Ridge Trail

Welcome to the rockiest section of the trail. Get prepared for 1.7-mile rock garden probably different from any other trail you have tackled before. Be ready to tackle the tricky dirt and wedged lines which might kick your ass. As you proceed into the course, you may need to use your speed as you elevate and descend to avoid grudging off the sides.

Jekyll and Hyde

Now here is the place where it all gets interesting. In my opinion, this is probably the deal of the entire system as you approach the 4.2-mile beauty. You are likely to start with ongoing rocky grounds that will require you to apply years of experience in keeping your balance.

However, this takes you into a dynamic shift of an overwhelming flow filled with all the fun parts of jumping up and down.

Here is what a rider from Oak Mountain has to say

Great trail system well marked and maintained. Plenty of options for both beginners and experts. The flow and jump line was a blast. Huge Park with plenty to do for the whole family.”

Key Features of the Trail

Pump track.

Drinking water.

Lift service.


Winter fat biking.


#3 Tannehill IMBA Trail

Recently finished single track trail constructed by the Birmingham Urban Peddlers located at the Tannehill State Park, a perfect impression of a single trail track.

It features a 16-mile trail system with about 485ft elevation building into an enjoyable counter-clockwise route to falling into. Going further into the trail you will encounter some parked dirt guided by some roots and rocks as you fall into the superfast dual track.

We all love biking in destinations equipped with a well-planned trail system, the one which is beautifully planned throughout the course producing an overall outcome of a tricky as well as a smooth track.

If that’s is what you are looking for then this track speaks exactly in your language–providing you with a different atmosphere from any other trail of its kind.

This trail also includes a variety of trails suiting different difficulties with different elevations to tackle.

Single track trails in Tannehill IMBA Trail

Ironworks Trail

It’s characterized as a 4.1-mile beauty positioned right close to McCalla, Alabama (AL). It has both the high descents and the steep grounds suitable for all skill levels. Along with this trail, you will not only focus on biking but also you will have another set of activities at your disposal.

Pig Iron Trail

Get ready to tackle this 5.6-mile loop trail which owns its location right at the heart of Confederate Hill Estates. Its major attraction is its beautiful scenery and its excellent flow trail highly recommended for all skill categories. The good thing is that you are allowed to move freely with your dog during this whole course.

Cannon Ball Trail

As the name may seem to apply this trail has several ups and downs, accompanied by sudden turns which altogether describe its rollercoaster characteristic. If you happen to be present at this destination on your leg day, then I recommend you take this trail for a really solid leg workout.

Here is what a rider from Oak Mountain has to say

Fantastic trail system. Not too many climbs. Lots of buff and flow systems. Fast and fun. Trails stay dry even after rainfall. A great trail system. It is especially great that you can camp on the ground and hit the trails right outside.”

Key Features of the Trail

Pump track.

Drinking water.

Lift service.


Winter fat biking.


#4 Lake Lurleen, Taska Trail

Located at the northwest of Tuscaloosa this trail provides the best excuse for lunch into the woods and have a quick adrenaline rush while enjoying a speedy ride.

Get ready to lunch yourself into the 24-mile course with about 236ft of elevation. Having plenty of trails presented at you, it’s hard to choose from one. From the starting point of the track, you will get presented with a 4-mile warm-up loop to start off your day.

One of the unique features which this trail offers is the experience of group rides coordinated by the West Alabama Mountain Biking Association (W.A.M.B.A).

It’s typically a destination which never gets dry–filled with local bike shops, camping areas, and hiking activities. Don’t get surprised if one day you check-in and found yourself faced with some thrilling entertainment such as bike racing.

Plus it never gets better when you are presented with two trailheads to choose from getting an opportunity to add more length to your run whenever you decide.

Single track trails in Lake Lurleen

Tashka Trail

Once you jump into this 10.6-mile trail, then you should get ready to be committed to it as there are no bailouts. One of the things which makes this trail one of the best is its great scenery not just in its appearance but also the weather conditions throughout the day.

The Ridge Loop

Welcome to the most recent addition to the main Tashka trail measured at a total distance of about 2.3 miles and a total elevation of about 350ft. It has a wide trail corridor and smooth elevation changes making it a nice spot for all difficulty levels. In a certain case if you happen to be a beginner just coming on your first ride, then I recommend you choose the counterclockwise direction to fit you better.

Here is what a rider from Lake Lurleen has to say

Great trail system with something for everyone. Trails are rugged and very scenic with great shade. Filled with tough climbs and some fun downhill. It features a great system to work on bike control and pacing.”

Key Features of the Trail

Pump track.

Night Riding.

Drinking water.

Lift service.


Winter fat biking.

Overall all of this finely built tracks monitored by the most experienced groups around the state are equally designed for that best ride ever which you are looking for.

Whether you just bought your first bike a week ago and willing to go on your first trail tomorrow or you happen to be an advanced rider, Alabama (AL) does provide a great variety of trails that fit every person.

Alabama’s biking destinations are filled with various features such as sudden bursts of speed and challenging rocky cliffs with heart-bursting descents to give you that ultimate ego boost. Sometimes described by its topography Alabama is a destination which attracts expert bikers on its grounds monitored by dedicated organizations stimulating the sport.

We all sometimes are in need of the longest ladder bridge or the perfect tacky clay coupled with a great atmosphere to get our adrenaline rushing at the moment.

One of the great features of this destination in Alabama includes a display of rocky terrains which really gets your body vibrating.

Before we go in here is what makes a great biking destination.

Great trail strategy from start to finish with a smooth flow.

Great topography and landscapes forming the great stage.

The versatility of trail design and fitting diversity standards.

Experienced cycling management community is monitoring the destination.

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