I Almost Overheated Cycling in Texas Summer Heat

I don’t usually race at this time of the summer. I wouldn’t usually be caught doing it. It is the time when the heat would be at its fiercest in Texas. I usually use this time to lay in a secluded side of the beach pretty much naked, going in and out of the water as often as I can carry myself inside it.

Maybe it’s the heat or my body metabolism, and I usually feel too tired to do anything at this time of the year. And everyone who knew me knows that about me. They never bring a job or invite me to any race during this time. Every other time of the year, they know I am winning races for them. And we do most racing as soon as we have a hint of the summer coming.

This heat usually lasts for about four to five days or a week tops. I use those days to rest and be lazy. And I was doing that naked on my very secluded beach when my girlfriend Kate came to me.

“Someone is looking for you.” She said.

My eyes had been closed because of the sun for hours now, and I didn’t plan to open till the sun was down or when I feel like a swim in the water again. I tried to turn from my position face down, but I couldn’t bring myself up to it.

“Tell the person to go away,” I grumbled.

“Well, I tried, but he seems like a determined person to me.”

“’Undetermined’ him Kate, if there is such a word, and send him off to wherever he came from,” I continued to mumble under my breath.

“How do you intend for me to do that?” She asked unwittingly.

“Tell him I’m dead, if you have to, just make him go away, I’m feeling sick already.”

“Hello, Mr. Todd.” I heard the strange voice calling my name.

Then he said, “Get him some clothes.” to Kate.

“I would rather be dead than to be witnessing this day when a man cannot be in peace for just a day on his beachfront,” I protested.

I turned to try to open my eyes, not caring that I was naked. I opened my eyes a bit, and I saw the man- tall, about 6.4; it took me a while to look at him from down his shoes to his face. I had never seen him before, and he was putting on a suit. That made me wonder how a man could be putting a suit in this heat when I cannot even wear underwear comfortably.

He must be a hot-blooded animal. But don’t the hot-blooded stay in the water to cool off their body? He must be cold-blooded then, but the fish stays inside water too. He must in between the two. What is he?”

“I have a proposition for you, Mr. Todd,” he started, intruding my thoughts.

“If you do, then you need only to talk to my manager,” I said.

“Who is your manager? Nobody told me you have one.”

“You met her on your way in.”

“I only saw your girlfriend.”

“She’s my manager as of now. You are as from this moment at liberty to say whatever you want to say to me to her.”

She walked towards us at that moment and threw a blanket on my naked butt.

“He’s always like this, this time of the summer. Who did you say you are Mr…?”

“I’m Raymond Berger, and I work with the MCM. I came to town for a shot of the mountains, and we wanted to catch some scenes of a mountain biker jumping and racing on the mountain. They said he’s the best here, but he doesn’t seem like……”

“Yes he is…,” Kate interrupted him and gave me a kick that started me upright.

“I told you she’s my manager. Now I’m up with just one kick from her.” I said with a smile, and a hand stretched to the man for a shake. MCM was a major TV outfit and very powerful too.

Two things mostly get me off my butt anytime. Good money and television. Television especially can make me summon courage from where I thought I had drained it.

“Kate, you are as of now relieved of your duty, thanks for your service,” I said musingly. “But before that,” I started on second thought, “could you grab a chair for this gentleman? Thank you as always.”

She brought the chair, and he sat down.

“I was at the mountain base, and when I asked for their best man, they told me where to find you.”

“What did you say you want Mr…Berger, I can call you that, can’t I?”

“Just call me Ray. We want you to race through the mountain while we take shots of you and the mountain. It shouldn’t take much of your time.”

“What’s the reward?” I asked.

“Something worth your while.”

I it doesn’t matter to me at the moment, not as much as appearing on the MCM worldwide.

The shooting started the next day. A camera was fixed on my bike in the front and the back. I had raced with a camera attached to my bike like that before. A drone was hovering on my head in the air, and a camera was attached to a sports motor also to film me. I loved every bit of the attention. But I hated the heat still.

I was feeling so much hot as I rode down and up the mountain, drinking lots of water and pouring some on my head to cool off.

When the D.O.P tried to explain a type of shot he wanted to achieve, I would run to the shade under the tree or the mountain, drink more water and try to breathe.

I must say it was a difficult two hours of riding in the mountain for MCM, and if not for the love of the camera, I would be in my secluded beachfront, stark naked and lazy.

But eventually, the commercial paid off, as it sold me to the world.

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