I Stopped Running and Started Cycling and Love It

After a few years on team sports and so many that involved running, throwing and catching balls, I decided to try my luck as a biker. I knew how to ride a bike, and I started practicing purposely. But I wanted a little more, and I wanted a challenge. Soon enough, to the wonder of my niece and nephew, I found a place in the world of dirt bikes. It wasn’t exactly a glamorous sport, but that wasn’t a problem with my family. So all of them religiously attended my competitions, hail rain or sunshine.

This time, it was rain, pouring rain. Although it wasn’t that bad and it was something we prepared for, it seemed like a little bit too much rain, even for dirt bikes. So the contest was canceled. It was a big disappointment. However, we were already there. Everybody else started to take their bikes and leave. And then there was I, all ready to run, my family present, my bike prepared, and I wasn’t going to miss the chance, could I?

When the rain slowed down enough to make it safe, I got on my bike and into the course. Thankfully it was a ground that worked just fine with rain. It made me look even cooler. Even with the sound of the rain and the bike, I could hear the encouraging screams of my family, and the little kids especially were losing their minds. I moved through the entire course with patience, taking my time to get used to it. Then, I got creative. I started doing tricks, jumping here and there, every time it was better than the last one.

It wasn’t the most comfortable of situations, but I was thoroughly enjoying it. The rain was not as annoying as it sounds. I had ridden in the rain before. And it was always fun for me. It felt special, somewhat dramatic and I appreciated the effect. Underneath me, I could feel my bike purring. I was buzzing with energy and letting me guide us into our favorite tricks and jumps. I had previously visited that course, and although I wasn’t precisely familiar with the grounds, I was having the time of my life exploring its quirks, twists, and turns.

It was fun enough to do all that alone. However, I wasn’t bothered when I heard other bikes loudly come to life behind me. The last bikers that left the place had heard the commotion I was making with the help of the cheers of my family, and when they came back and looked at the fun I was having, they decided to join. Of course, most of them had already left, the contest was officially canceled. But that couldn’t stop us from riding our bikes just for fun. After all, that was why all of us were there because we loved what we did.

I had the lead, but soon enough I was able to watch a handful of bikers around me doing what they loved the most. Everybody performed tricks differently. For a while we all moved together, resembling the passing storm. We must have been such a spectacle for my family. Then, silently we agreed on stepping back and letting each other have a unique moment alone in the course.

I enjoyed my turn as if it was the last time I would ride my bike – thankfully it wasn’t, not even close. And then I had the luck to watch closely how my friends, new guys and even bikers I admired, had their turn. It really was awesome. Paying attention to their personal styles, their preferences for their jumps, the way their shoulders tensed and relaxed, I could almost feel their smiles every time they did a particularly good trick on their bikes.

The best part of it all, without a doubt, was when the rain slowed down to a drizzle and a woman that had been riding with me stopped to talk with my family. Because it turned that on her free time she gave classes to little kids on dirt bike riding. She said she would happily teach my nephew and niece, considering they looked so thrilled watching me. And judging by their loud screams of excitement, they happily agreed.

But the real best part was the fact that this women just so happened to have two small bikes on her truck.

The rain was falling lightly, and all of us expert riders had stepped back to watch two very excited kids take their first rounds on a dirt bike course. It was heart-warming, and we laughed and bonded over our genuine love over the sport.

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