My Buttocks Screamed with Pain without Cycling Shorts

Interest in differentactivities can be picked up from anywhere and in any place. Somecircumstances can make you pick interest in anything. Most of thetime, the situation could be that of a dire kind, and you just haveto pick positives from it. I am speaking from experience when I say Ipicked up an interest in mountain biking in a situation.

My dad is a wealthy man who is known everywhere and respected by heads of states, governors, and mayors. Although he did his best always to provide the best protection to all his five children, I was sort of the black sheep of the family, not necessarily in a bad way. I just loved being independent.

I loved escaping from the clutches of the numerous security men that mad dad had assigned to me. Many times, I would leave my apartment without their notice and go out to have a lot of fun. I did this many times to the extent that most of the guards got mad and decided to apply for permission to guard someone else.

It was on one of these actions of mine that got me into trouble. After being on my own and escaping from my guards so many times, I began to believe that I was safe, that no one would even think about kidnapping me for ransom or anything. I was wrong, very wrong.

One night, I needed to go to a party that I had been invited to.

I didn’t want the security guards to follow me as usual, so I managed to find a way to escape them. I always found a way to escape them. I slipped out of my apartment and met with my best friend who was waiting in a corner with his power bike.

We cheered ourselves, thinking we were going to have a lot of fun without interference. We were looking at the venue of the party a few feet away from us when a van suddenly stopped in front of us. We crashed into the van, and we flew off the power bike.

Before I knew it, three men jumped out of the van with guns and grabbed me. My friend was kicked in the face while he tried to scream. They carried me and threw me into the van, and the van sped away. I had never been so scared in my life. I could imagine my parents being so very angry for slipping away from people who were assigned to protect me. My abductors covered my face with a bag that made it hard to breathe comfortably, and I couldn’t even see anything.

We traveled for many hours, and I lost my sense of direction when I tried to figure out all the corners and the routes we could have taken. I figured that if I could guess the route we took, I could follow the same road back to the club and call the police or something. I gave up anyway, realizing that the abductors could take different routes to prevent other people, like my guards for example, from following them.

I slept off, and when I opened my eyes later, I realized that I was in a kind of cell. When I looked out the small window of the cell, I saw the city far away, with houses and skyscrapers looking very small in the distance. I figured that I had been taken to a hideaway on the mountain. I wanted to cry. No one would find me here except by a miracle.

I lost any sense of time as I lay on the floor of the cell. One of the abductors came over to give me food. He was a talkative one. As he talked incessantly, I kicked him in the face and smashed the plate of food on his head, and I made a run for it.

When I got out of the cell, I realized that I had been placed in a small building on the mountaintop. Directly in front of me was a slope. There was another bigger building beside the one in which I had been locked up. I saw some mountain bikes leaning against the wall.

I grabbed one of the bikes and began to pedal down the slope. I had never practiced or been involved in anything relating to mountain biking, so I suffered a lot as I tried to escape the men who were now pursuing me. I fell off the bike several times, and by the time I got to an expressway, my buttocks were screaming with pain.

I was saved by a man in a truck who called the police, and my rescue was complete. Although the men were never caught, I still feel a sense of safety since I never tried to ditch my guards anymore. However, I developed a sense of liking for mountain biking to the extent that I went for training. I was given a list of things to buy.

Of all the things I bought, which included a helmet, riding clothes, mountain bike and so on, the most notable was my pair of black cycling shorts. They look really funny in the way they were designed. Many people laughed at me, but I loved it. It was padded just right, and when I put it on, it was so comfortable that I even thought of never removing it.

It made my buttocks happy. My experience during my escape from my abductors gave me nightmares, and whenever I woke up, I usually felt an ache on my buttocks. With my new shorts, however, I felt fine, and no one may believe this, but my nightmares disappeared right after I purchased the shorts.

The shorts had a ventilated pad for comfort, fit me perfectly, and it was well worth the price I had paid for it. The shorts also made a lot of my mountain biking jumping skills easier. It gave me a lot of confidence to challenge a lot of people who were experts and who had been into mountain biking before me.

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