I Traded in Old Bike for a $4k Mountain Bike

My passion for adventure, especially using mountain bikes, cannot be replaced by anything, and I cannot allow anything to put a stop to it, not even a caesura. A little pause came when my ten years old mountain bike that has covered many miles, had few countable crashes, covered several mikes and visited some parks finally called for a replacement. I wanted a different brand that would be as strong, speedy and handy as the former, or maybe even better, a new one with disk brakes and 29-inch wheels.

Well after I had tested some bicycle of various brands, features, and engineering structures, I decided to go for Release 5 C by Diamondback. The mountain bike has a full suspension and a lot of other features that I really love and appreciate.

The link suspension of Release 5 C Carbon Mountain Bike levels all sorts of rocks and gardens that stymie bikes from moving as they are expected to. I had thought that this would be enough reason to go for the bike until I noticed other features.

Take, for instance, modern geometry. The bike is long in front and short in the rear. It is also low at the bottom bracket, thus, enhancing credible stability while the bike is operating at high speed without losing the agility when it trails get tight. This makes me love the bike more, and I felt that I had to search for more features that make it seem irreplaceable to me.

The peerless part kit includes Fox 36, Float DPX2 rear shock, an ultra-precise SRAM X01 Eagle 12-speed drivetrain wheelset. All these features gave more confidence to tell than before to ride the bike to far distant mountains and to even encourage some of my friends to get the same product for them.

We go on the competition every month end, and we are all professionals, but because of the brand that some of them use, many of my friends would feel like amateur riders because of the kind of bikes they use, even though the bikes might not have been so old. They feel that a bike is a bike and nothing makes one brand different from the other.

“Tools are what make quality,” I told Jason, one of my friends whose bike was broke down and almost cost him his life the last time we rode. “An artist cannot make a nice painting or drawing without having proper tools; a woodworker cannot make perfect carvings and craft without the tools, you need a better tool to prove that you’re a better rider than you seem, Jason.”

“And what do you say I should start using?”

“I’m enjoying my new bike, although I missed the old. But I don’t seem to regret having bought this Release 5 C Carbon Mountain Bike with full suspension.”

“Oh, I think I love the few features you mentioned. I didn’t use to care about these, but I’ll have to give it a try now.”

The bike has a Race Face ARC 30 rims and Novetac hubs, as well as quick stopping SRAM Guide RS hydraulic disc brakes with 189 mm rotors, features that I love so much to have. And my friend too saw these features and widened his eyes in awe. It is an obvious thing that getting true values inexpensive bicycles could be quite challenging, but it is not impossible, and Diamondback has made this realizable with thia trail bike, and it was opened a more advanced, beautiful, adventurous world for bikers.

“This bike is just so dirt cheap!” Jason screamed when I told him the price for which I got mine, he was thinking of something close to $8000, but it’s just $4,400. The seat is even far much comfortable so sit on, unlike his former bike that looked as I was sitting on a moving stool and could fall at any time. This machine does not require too many tweaks like the alloy guys, and this makes me and Jason love it more. The first day Jason and I went on a ride on Release 5 C Carbon, Jason went faster.

The second day, I told him that it’s because he was newer, so we had to change. We changed the bikes, I rode on his, and he rode on mine and still came first. I used to be the first among the friends because, among the few riders, I was the only one that had the Release 5 C.

When others saw Jason’s speed and unflinching balance on rocks and mountains, they had to purchase too, and I wish I had not told them because since then the competition had increased and from first, I have been in the third position.

The bike also has a KS LEV Integra dropper part, and Integra Race Face that makes it a fearless, fierce mountain racer, and Jason does utilize those features to the full. He finds the adventure life a fun compared a tedious work that it seemed to them before.

Perhaps you also want to get a bike for you, I won’t tell you to buy it just like that, but look in for these features, and if you find them better in any other brand but Diamondback Release 5 C, buy it. However, if the reverse is the case, it would be wise to go for what will last long, be fun to ride and also be safe on the mountain. It would be better to go for Carbon.

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