I Needed and Wanted a New Bike

The saying goes thus: “change is constant.” It became truer to me than ever during the process of buying a new bike. My mother will always say human needs, and wants are insatiable, and this is so true; the more we get, the more we want.

Have you ever wanted something so bad you thought that thing was the only thing that could ever make you attain the level of happiness you wanted; then shortly after satisfying your want, you discovered that a new hunger had started rising in you; you wanted a new adventure, a new item, a new possession that will make you even happier; then the old possession began to feel inadequate to you?

Somehow, when faced with these realities of wants and needs, you try to do some character check and perhaps come to a reality that you are just very greedy. What you feel is not greed in any way; it’s just natural that we want more every time we acquire what we’ve always wanted. I even find it unnatural to remain satisfied with the current status quo; there’s just something wrong with that.

You should never be satisfied; you should want more. And that is why I decided to let go of my old mountain bike for a better one. I was just hungry for a new adventure within me.

It was time for me to forget riding on a non-technical sections of trail, wanting to be on a neutral position, ensuring my level pedals are evenly weighted, ensuring a sight bend in my knees and elbows, ensuring my index fingers are on the brake levers 100% of the riding time and my eyes looking forward about 15 to 20ft.

Ahead; there was a new thirst for a greater adventure, and I tagged the thirst imperative. So the profound thirst for the new drove me to a local store across the street, and I was faced with a greater problem. The problem was what to pick. Being a bike fanatic, I have ranging choices and some particular specifications I look out for, and these specifications are what influence my choices.

I decided to run a few test-drives just to pick the one that best suits my taste, but I couldn’t arrive at a definite choice. I gave up on trying to make my choice and decided to visit another store to continue my search. On my way out saw a precious bicycle just lying by the wall; it was so precious I wondered how my eyes missed it in the first place.

I quickly moved closer to behold the beauty properly and guess what I saw; I saw a Diamondback Full Suspension Mountain Bike, and I was mesmerized. At that point, I needed no experiment to know that I had found what I was looking for, but I needed to be certain of the features and specifications. So swiftly picked up my phone to check out the web.

And all that got me thinking, “What other experiment or confirmation do I need to know that this is for me?” I didn’t even wait for the thoughts to register in my mind; I went straight to the storekeeper and followed the necessary steps I needed to take to acquire my new addiction. It was worth the long test driving; it was worth the struggle after all.

But what if I had seen it before trying out other bikes, would I have been as excited as I was when I saw it? Perhaps not. Like they say, “No good thing comes easy.” It wasn’t easy for me to find it, but somehow, the universe was on my side. I went to the bike store with the mind of working out something better than my initial bike but fortunately for me; I got a bike that was much better than my first bike; the universe indeed was on my side.

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