I Sold my Mountain Bike to Get Cash for New Bike

Being a biker has been the ultimate goal of my life since childhood, and it’s not just a biker but to be a mountain biker. I used to have a cruiser bike that I used for several years, and it was really fun to ride up pavements. But, call me a hedonist, I chase after what’s more fun than the one I have with me at present, so I was so captivated seeing a friend of my Simon and his fellow bikers go off-road with their father tire mountain bikes.

Seeing them was not the only thing that I enjoyed, but hearing stories of their adventurous exploration on the mountains was another thing that made me want to experience it. I didn’t have enough money to start the adventure, that is to purchase a mountain bike because I knew that the fun was what my bike then could not provide.

I needed to sell my bike and add some money to get a mountain bike. So I consulted Simon, and he recommended BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 mountain bike. The bike weighs 10.27 kg, and it is 29 inches long with a hardtail. We went to the store to get, and I started to train to use it. I was already quite accustomed to using my old bike, but I thought that with time, I would improve on using the new one.

The BEIOU bike has Shimano DEORE M610. 30 Speed XC/Trail MTB, C50B/29er, T800 Ultralight Frame, Matte 3K CB020. The bike can ride on the stable road as well as the rough mountainous road as well as tree roots, making my adventure as fun as I want it.

One of the best and most loved outdoor sports is mountain biking, and I enjoy doing it. The basic source of this enjoyment is the BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike. It has everything that a mountain biker needs to enjoy the sport.

The mountain bike is of high quality and has a Superior frame and features that I had earlier mentioned.

Before Simon got him, he had used many mountain bikes that did not seem to last too long, and some condemned after two to three crashes. Then he bought a new one after that followed the same path before he got BEIOU Carbon Mountain Bike that has enough stamina that prevents it from having too many occasions of crashes.

Who is the bike for? BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike is very much favorable for new riders. Whenever I ride mine, for instance, it makes me feel so in charge of it, and I feel like I am controlling the bike and not the other way around.

I am not saying that the bike isn’t suitable for professional. Of course, Simon is one, and he enjoys riding on it, and since he had got his, like me, he had not complained of anything, and he is several months older. So while it fits for beginners, it is not bad at all for professionals too. The bike has impressive grips, and in case of crashes, it has enough strength to take the fall.

While other bikes have a metal frame or aluminum, the bike has a fiber frame. I can decide to carry it when I feel the need and I can use it on any rough surface without a sign of any damage.

I also like the fact that the suspension system of my BEIOU mountain bike is a hardtail, more reasons I am glad that I have it.

Simon has made me love speed in riding bicycles, and that is another thing that I cherish in my BEIOU Mountain Bike. It gives me 27-speed I can decide to optimize my speed the way I feel is the best, so I have plenty of speed to enjoy.

While it’s great to have nice speed, I am glad that the break is equally nice. Not having one can cause severe danger to one. The hydraulic brake system of the bike has saved me from several dangers, and my Shimano M355 system makes it easy to stop nearly immediately the break is pulled.

My BEIOU bike is a little bit different in sizes from my friend’s but the quality is not in any way altered and the designs are beautiful too.

I had thought that the price would be too high too, but no, it was very affordable. Although the brand name is not yet popular, it’s fast growing as even professional bikers are patronizing it already. It’s the kind of bike that I have been dreaming of having and I am so glad that I have it already. It’s what everyone will enjoy. If you are someone whose mind is outside, you will actually enjoy it.

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