I Lost Weight and Started Having Muscles by Cycling

Things have been pretty dicey since the day I graduated from college. I have been a pretty good guy in all aspects when I was in college. I would play, eat and have fun all the time. Things would be really exciting and interesting and every day seemed like a new day for me. But then after graduating from college, I have to say – I got to see the real world.

The world is quite bitter, and if you’re not qualified, then the world will kick that person out of this competition. Yes. It’s the bare truth of life, and I have accepted it. Here I’ll be sharing you a story about how my life changed and how the smallest things that we don’t care in life matters the most during the later phase of our life.

So my story begins back in college. I had moved from Chicago to Texas. I fell in love with this place. Texas has everything a person could ever ask for. Great people, great location and the most important thing-food. Yes! I love food, and maybe that’s the main reason I’m writing this story here. I have always been a foodie, and I would always like and always eat a lot of food.

But then again, I was never lazy or hesitant to workout. I would work out , and hence I would keep myself fit and fine. Things had been going great. But hey! One fine day everything changed. Myself Samuel graduated from college with a degree in computer science. I had great scores, and also I secured a very nice job in one of the tech giant companies.

Okay, sorry for boasting. Anyway coming back to point, as I said earlier, I had two hobbies. That was to eat food and to workout. So when I joined this company, I had a lot of workloads. Being a fresher, the seniors train us and make us work the most. That being said, I was enjoying my time in office. I got to meet new people and also, there was another interesting thing.

I think God heard my prayers and hence I got a job here in Texas itself. It was great. I didn’t have to leave this beautiful place. So until now, things have been going pretty smoothly. But then things started to change. As a few months passed by and my experience eventually started increasing, I learned some bitter facts about working in this corporate industry.

The most truthful thing that I learned here was that the seniors or your so-called bosses try to squeeze every amount of talent and enthusiasm you have in you. Being in this office for months, I learned that and understood that bosses treat us this way. But then again, after all these problems, I would never usually get time to follow my hobbies. I would eat a lot of food but I never invested time working out or getting my body back in shape. And this turned out to be a problem.

A huge problem. As time passed by, my workload increased and also my body weight also increased. I had this habit of eating more and more while in a pressure situation or a stressful situation.

And as much as I eat, I grew heavier. And was turning my life into a dreadful place. But still, even after all this, I never really noticed it until it started affecting my life. But then one fine day, something happened which showed me that staying in shape is important. I had a huge fight with my boss. And that fight turned so bad that we both started abusing each other. I vowed to him that I’ll never get into that company ever again. And so I did.

That very evening I resigned from that company, and I went home. By that time, I had a nice apartment in Texas. It was great, and I was proud of it. I went home and decided to take a break from that stressful life and then come back and start to apply for new jobs. So as decided, I did so. I went for a road trip with my friends, and it was fun. They at times did make fun of my weight. But I have didn’t mind that. Now I had reached that stage of my life where such things did not matter.

What mattered was the fact that I was eating more and more. And this habit turns into a passion. Yes, eating became a passion. Maybe this is one of those passion where are there to put you down. Then, when I returned home, I decided that I had enjoyed enough and it was time to get back to work and earn some money. But then I learned another difficult thing about this life.

The world is competitive. Yes, I had easily got a job after I graduated from college, but now things had changed. Even for the smallest job, things were competitive. There were so many applications and hence my application for a job in a certain company would also float in this sea of job applications.

Now and then, I was called to face a job interview. But then things became worse. I would get rejected every single time. My money was getting over day by day, and I had to find a job as fast as possible. I tried every website and everything I could do to get a job. But every time, I would get rejected. Even in job interviews, I would get rejected even if I answered every question that they had to ask. I would get really angry. One day after a job interview, as expected they rejected me. I got so angry that I got up and yelled at them asking for the reason behind this.

They didn’t reply. But then they also told me to wait outside. I did so. I needed an explanation some way or somehow. And that’s why I waited. After some time, one of the interviewers approached me. He seemed to be a nice guy and said that I was a pretty good competitor. He said that I had everything a company could ever ask for. But then he added saying that there’s only one flaw in me. And that was that I’m flat.

He told me something that I’ll never ever forget in my life. He said that if a person is not concerned about his health then how will he or she be concerned about their job and the growth of their company. He had a point. I was least concerned about my health. I just wanted to get into some huge company and start earning just like I would before. I understood what was wrong. Also, I was really glad. I was glad that he was honest enough to come and tell me the truth. A truth because of which my life was taking a downward leap.

So the next thing I did was I started to see the best gyms around. I had some money left with me, and I decided that I had to enroll myself before it’s too late. But then looking at the fees of the gyms, I decided to take a different step at losing weight. I had this bicycle with me which I brought when I was in college. It was one of the best methods to exercise. So I decided that rather than just paying thousands of dollars in a gym, I should just cycle. I decided that I’ll be only cycling.

I cycled around the city. I have to say it was by far one of the best decisions I made in my life. I used to get up early and cycle for as long as I can. Not only did I lose weight but also I started having muscles. These muscles were really difficult to come by while in the gym, but here by cycling, I was easily getting fit. Maybe it was because of the fact that I was riding a bicycle here in Texas and inhaling that fresh air had a soothing impact on my health.

I would eventually lose weight. As my health increased, my self-confidence also came back. I had hope again in my life. Things started to be balanced, and I too started feeling proud of ourselves. I later joined another company and worked for a few years. Today as I’m writing this, I have tears in my eyes. Just because I cycled that time, today I am the president of this huge organization which makes people realize the importance of cycling and how it can affect your inner and outer well-being. I thank everyone for this beautiful life, and I also thank everyone for this love and support that I have received throughout the years.

Just cycle around your city for even a few minutes and just notice the difference!

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