4 Best MTB Riding Parks in Arizona

Arizona Trail

The name may sound bossy but is only because of the magnitude of this mountain biking trail. The trail literally cuts the whole state; it is approximately 800 miles from the United States-Mexico border to National monument at the Vermilion Cliffs. It also goes through Utah. It is wide and long. If you want a quick view and summary of the state, this is the best place to mountain bike in Arizona. It is more fun if you are in the company of two or three other bikers.

The 800 miles are far from boring. You can’t be bored with the Arizona trail even while riding alone. But it would be more fun to share the experiences with 2 or 3 friends. The beauty is overwhelming; you can easily miss the horizons in the North while focusing on the ecstatic views in the South. A group means many eyes hence the low probability of missing anything. Favorite stops are at Grand Canyon and Sonora Desert Up.

The Arizona trail is incomparable because of the diverse landscapes and sceneries across the 800 miles. It is unique; it is the best way to summarize your visit to Arizona on the bike.

Hangover Trail, Sedona, AZ

If you are thrilled by steep climbs, this is for you. The trial builds in you an adventurous spirit if you are still timid with biking. It is not long but is compact; every ground you cover is an experience. There is everything you need to experience in mountain biking in the short distance. The quick maneuvers and technical climbs characterize this trail. It is a challenge for serious riders; whether you are experienced or not, there is a lot to learn from this.

Besides, it is fun. It is the best place to mountain bike in Arizona because you will gain access to the gorgeous sceneries of Arizona. The mountains and valleys attribute to the popularity of this trail in Sedona. Nothing beats this in terms of biking experience. You can’t leave Arizona without experiencing the fun and thrill in this trail. The name Hangover, explains it all.

Black Canyon Trail, Phoenix

This is 80 miles of fun. Whether you are alone or with family and kids, biking in this part of Phoenix guarantees everyone unforgettable experiences. Besides the thrill of the woodlands, there is magic riding through the Prescott National Forest. If you are into covering the whole terrain, you will end up in the Sonoran Desert for a test of your biking skills.

It is renowned as one of the best single-track trails in Arizona. Actually, it is the best place to mountain bike in Arizona because of diversity in terrain and tight switchbacks. The ride through Prescott valley defines beauty and uniqueness of this trail.

Highline Trail, Sedona, AZ

Whether you are looking for technical climbs, steer drops or stunning views in mountain biking, you got it all here. The trail only runs for 10 miles but offers incredible views and experiences. It gives you a chance to learn more about Arizona. The trail is characterized by a cliff edge on a slick rock, which covers most of its course. The single-track is full of thrill.

You wouldn’t know of the of the beauty in Sedona if you haven’t been on the 10-mile biking trail. The cliff is high enough to raise your adrenaline.

Arizona and mountain biking are inseparable. The state hosts incredible features from mountain deserts to forests in the North. If you are into adventure, then there is no better place to set out at any time of the year than in Arizona. Practically, everywhere offers beautiful sceneries for photos. The scenic views characterize most mountain biking trails.

There more than enough places to explore and create memories. The locals are also renowned for mountain biking; both professionally and for adventure. Family days outs won’t miss bikes; everyone in a family must have a bike or two depending on the chosen terrain that day. Of course, there are trails for racing and others for conquering mountains or simply enjoying views and nature through the forest.

The terrains have different difficulty levels. Don’t forget to carry a camera if you are going mountain biking in Arizona. There is a lot to capture and enjoy the views.

The diversity and variety of mountain biking trails make it difficult to pick one as the best. Each trail is unique and offers different experiences for a biker. You can’t get everything from one trail; you have to choose based on your preferences. Some are in proximity, and you can enjoy double views for a short time because they will soon part. Also, the number of trails is overwhelming; you can’t explore all of them in one vacation.

Nevertheless, here are some of the top mountain biking trails in Arizona. They have lots to offer with regards to fun experiences and scenic views.

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