5 Best Place to Mountain Bike in New Mexico

If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, there are many places to visit in New Mexico for you. The terrain offers a wide area for trails, which are loved by mountain bikers around the region. Luckily, there are places fit for amateurs too. So you need not worry about possessing lesser skills than experienced bikers. There is always something for everyone if you learn the trains properly. The variety of terrains give the amateur a chance to improve their skills while giving the skilled experts the space they need to practice. If you want the best place to mountain bike in New Mexico, consider the list below to find your appropriate choice.

1. South Boundary Trail

This trail is found on 164, Taos and offers a couple of options. Both newbies and experienced riders have a chance to enjoy the trail as they face different levels of challenges. The trail is marked appropriately to separate the riders depending on the difficulty levels. One of the choices involves taking the entire length of the trail before getting a shuttle ride back to the beginning. Riders can rest on their way back and enjoy the view thanks to the caring management of this trail. The second trail is shorter and mainly an out-and-back on the part of the trail. This is a single track, which goes through the great downhill via the beautiful Carson National Forest. There are technical challenges involved here, but a true adrenalin rush is eminent especially during summer between the Months of May and October.

2. Winsor, Santa Fe

Winsor is the place you will be getting a unique experience such as getting your feet a little wet. You will be crisscrossing Tesuque Creek. The trail is 10 miles long and goes downhill with a single track, switchbacks, major climbs, and exciting boulders to explore. There are dense pine trees, jumps, and stands of aspens with lovely meadows. This trail starts at exactly 10,300 feet and drops to 7,000 feet to give a grind if you want an out-and-back. You will be finding a few technical sections, which can be handled by any rider of different levels. Mid-level riders and highly skilled experts can have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience here.

3. Cedar Creek Spaghetti Bowl

Cedar Creek is found in Ruidoso County with a crazy and bizarre maze of trails to give an experience of a lifetime. You cannot resist returning to this place because of the complexity and challenges it offers to visitors. The crazy loops lead back to the main trail like a giant bowl of spaghetti. The name of the trail is based on this long coils of trails. The lengthy and difficult pathways make it a great location for all types of riders with various skills. Most importantly, this location is close to town, and you would want to make the most out of its convenience. If you want to have family time in Spaghetti bowl, you can be sure you will be benefiting from the closeness to town. The beautiful single track takes you through pines and aspens. The trail crests at around 6,500 feet and has daredevil challenges for the highly skilled as well as smooth pathways for the amateurs.

4. Angel Fire Resort

Angel Fire is a premier location for mountain bikers in New Mexico. It offers high-end opportunities and could be among the best biking resorts in the world today. It has easily won many words over the past few years. The recent award was the MTB Parks vote for the ‘best in the Southwest.’ There are at least 60 miles of terrain to explore, and this excessively huge landscape is accessible by ski lifts. You will be entertained by the great drops and technical challenges, rolling single track with crazy awesome jumps and easy cruising areas. The many features of Angel Fire Resort make it the best place to mountain bike in New Mexico.

5. White Mesa Bike Trail

The White Mesa Bike offers amazing beautiful and attractive views. The region has a beautiful trail which takes you through spectacular rocky outcrops, beautiful colors, as well as the smooth single track. It also takes you past a bizarre and unique countryside landscape to relieve you the urban lifestyle. This is a long and peaceful ride into the interior wooden land. Most importantly, it is available almost all year round with the best experience in fall, winter, and spring. Summer here is extremely hot and may not be the best time take out into the trail with friends or family. Withstanding the heat would be your greatest challenge distracting you from enjoying the ride. The entire trail is 8miles long and mostly designed for intermediate and high skill levels making it best place to mountain bike in New Mexico.

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