Top 5 Places to Mountain Bike in Colorado Springs

While every trail is unique, some are extraordinary. You can’t afford to miss riding on some trails in this state. Here is a selection of the best places for mountain biking in Colorado Springs.

1. Buckhorn Loop

The trail is four miles. Trekking is allowed on the trail; you will meet a different kind of people on an adventure in this part of the world. The trail offers incredible views from the first mile. Although it is only four miles, you are likely to spend hours on this trail because of the gorgeous sites throughout the trail. This is no place for racing; it is about enjoying nature. While there are sharp descends, you have to be slow to catch the beauty of the Silver Cascade Falls.

2. Barr Trail

It is one of the few trails that go up to the top of Pikes Peak. It revolves around the mountains hence the 26 miles. Most biking professionals use the trail to test and enhance their skills. The climbs and descents are both ecstatic. Of course, you need a certain skill level to maneuver the sharp bends and not miss the inspiring views. The trail is the best place to mountain bike in Colorado Springs because you can view the Springs area from the top.

3. Ute Trail

If you are interested in exploring the Garden of Gods, there is no better way to do it other than riding on the Ute trail. The diverse terrain runs for six miles for universal experience on bumpy and smooth rides. You will have to endure steep downhills and hill climbs on rocky surfaces. The roots at the beginning help you familiarize with the trail early enough.

Apart from the thrilling experience, you will have a chance to view the Morrison Formation and the sagebrush. There are endless stunning views on this trail. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this is the best place to mountain bike in Colorado Springs.

4. Red Rock Canyon Open Space

This is considered the best for intermediate riders. It guarantees you all the incredibleness surrounding the Colorado Springs. The trail offers diverse challenges; from rock climbs and roots as obstacles on the 15-mile track. Stunning sceneries characterize this trail. If your goal is adventure and fun, views of the Morrison Formation will be more than enough. You can easily take a whole day on the spot in the Colorado Springs. The open space increases the flexibility of riding in this part of Colorado; you can ride in a group or alone and test your skills on the different terrains.

5. Hogback Ridge Trail

The 1.5 mile is within the Red Rock Canyon Open Space. It is characterized by steep climbs with most of the terrain covered by loose gravel. The sound of bikes on this terrain is epic. You will enjoy the ride more if you are in a group. It is more of a leisure ride because of the peak ridge. The trail within a trail makes it special; if you are familiar with the routes or lucky to have a guide, you can change course at any point depending on your interests to catch the beauty of Colorado.

Colorado has lots of open space that makes it easy to explore the state. It is among the new places to explore for bikers; it has grown rapidly because of the local’s enthusiasm about bikes. It is renowned for the scenic views and thrilling experiences in the valleys and mountains. Irrespective of your biking skills and preferences, there are multiple trails to fit your needs. Whether you are in this for adventure or sports, the springs and Pikes Peak offer incredible experiences.

If you are looking for the best place to mountain bike in Colorado Springs, you will be overwhelmed by the countless choices. Each trail in Colorado has something special to offer. If you are with family or alone, you will experience the ultimate fun of Colorado. Mountain biking is more of a culture in this part of the United States of America; if you think carrying your bike is too much work, you will find a variety of bikes for hire. Different sizes and technical specifications are available for different terrains. Professionals operate most of the bike-leasing firms.

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