4 Best Mountain Bike Rides in Minnesota

A mid-western state of the United States, which superbly borders Lake Superior and neighboring Canada, being amongst the largest of the Great Lakes, this state contains more than ten thousand other lakes. Minnesota offers fanciful mountain biking trails, raining from the rich adventure regions to the surrounding Twin Cities, accompanying the glaciers ridden ranges and lush green woods. Consisting of a number of different single-tracks, many of the parks offer a diversity of mountain biking opportunities for all kinds of riders with varying skill expertise. Here are some of the best places to mountain bike in Minnesota

Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Biking Trail

Among the part of the larger and newly adopted Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, producing plentiful traits for many different activities. The first-class biking trails are located throughout the region, prearranged on the grounds of evacuated mines, it leaves a rich 25+ miles of trail with a red tinge on any tire that rides through and on it. Once you get going onto the ranges of the trails, you will be blown away by the scenic, passing mining lakes, and the many trees that hold the division, and the wondrous view radiating a different sense that shines on every ride. This is one biking trail that will make you want to revisit and experience again.

Elm Creek Park Reserve

The largest unit within the Three Rivers Park District, and while there are many things to do in the enormous space rendered, there is a long biking trail that explores from the 12 miles of substantial single-track for the riders to explore, ranging the levels from the beginners to the technical professionals, which both can easily appreciate and endure.

The path also exposes a majority of nature landscapes, passing through the woody paths and giving a touristy feel. You will be allowed to share the beautiful spectacle with fellow bikers, hikers, and runners alike. It is recommended that you slow down your pace and enjoy the trail as you travel through the Elm Creek Park Reserve to fully acknowledge its great splendors.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Gratifying towards an array of many different recreational and engaging activities, the Lebanon Hills Regional Park, is one of the best places to mountain bike in Minnesota, is divided into two sections, East and West. On the west end, there are the famous mountain biking trails, and let me assure you when I say, they are the best mountains to bike on. It is truly worth a visit. The east end contains exploration for the guests who want to rent canoes, kayaks or regular boating exercises to travel the water bodies that rush and gush through Lebanon Hills.

The 12 miles of polished single-track that ranges in the levels of difficulties from beginners all the way to diamond courses containing and challenging full of trunks, drops and rock fields mixed with gardens. Once you go there for your mountain biking, you will need to also look at the Lake Loop, which follows a carefully crafted and engineered trail, landscaping amongst the beautiful lakeside that is well remarked and well appreciated, and also treats easy to navigate routes for the first time visiting or new riders. Lebanon Hills is truly the perfect place for a full day of riding and also has shelters to relax and unwind afterward.

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

One of the first parks in the Twin Cities to host and maintain mountain bike trails, and amongst the part of the famous Three Rivers District, Murphy-Hanrehan is one of the best mountain biking experiences right now. You will absolutely cherish the atmosphere, and also appreciate the offering of the three tentatively passable loops for beginners, intermediate, and advanced mountain bikers.

The easy trail lengthens around a mile long, accomplishing itself to be a great place to test your beginner’s luck without getting stuck for the long ride back to the parking space. The intermediate trail, however, stretches itself to 2.3 miles, while the advanced one goes over 6 miles, and has many steep downhills for your challenge trails. Being one of the best places to mountain bike in Minnesota, it is a park that you surely have to trail once there. The benefits and the advantages of this seasoned and dedicated level trails truly demonstrate itself to be any mountain biker’s enjoyment.

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