Top 6 Trails to Mountain Bike in Wisconsin

People relish and are fond of mountain biking in Wisconsin. Many tremendous and outstanding mountainside tracks have lengthy roads. Family and friends who are big fans of mountain biking can have a delightful time in valleys and trails there. However, there are many mountains which hold up the top ranks, the names of some are Levis Mounds, Alpine Valley, Hickory Ridge and the finest one, Rock Lake.

1 Alpine Valley

Located in East Troy, Alpine Valley has astonishing and exceptional views of the scenery. The smooth and flowy trails make the bike rider enjoy the ride and make it a wonderful memory. It has an elevation of 828ft and is around 5 miles, many reviews have claimed that they loved winding the long loops and enjoyed the straight roads with good short climbs. There are a great number of trees and greenery as well for the eyes to ponder at and exclaim. Alpine Valley ranks number 3 in Best Mountain Bike Trails in Wisconsin, making it one of the best places to mountain bike in Wisconsin.

2 Hickory Ridge

Located in Bloomer, a single-track hidden-gem, Hickory Ridge satisfies and fulfills the people who are in great fond of a long destination ride of mountain biking. You can name any season and still have incredible fun in Hickory Ridge, with its neat lengthy roads and short climbs along with strong and flowy trails declaring itself to be amazing. It is 15 miles in length and has an elevation of 1087ft. Once you visit it, I can assure that you will have one of the best times bike riding.

3 Levis Mounds

Located in Neillsville, also listed and marked as one of the most difficult trails in Wisconsin that surely test your riding skills and upgrades your riding-style by a lot. The smooth and lengthy roads mark people with lessening the danger of riding downhill as the upright view helps the mountain bikers. Nevertheless, the sand and stones during trial flights really can slow you down but isn’t a big problem if you have a good experience and are a professional in riding bikes. Treating itself to have an elevation of 903ft and has a distance of around 25 miles. It proves itself to be a long mountain bike trail which most of the professionals adore.

4 Rock Lake

Located in Namakagon Cluster, Rock Lake is the most beautiful and finest bike trail any person can ever go to. It is very fun and challenging especially for intermediary riders. An unlimited deal of rocks in between the trails develops the skills of a certain rider. No wonder many people have given great reviews to Rock Lake as it has enjoyable views and very great depth in riding past trails. An amazing flowing single track along with an elevation of 1461ft. It is of a 12 miles track and has the most astonishing and technical loops. It holds itself true to this list making it one of the best places to mountain bike in Wisconsin.

5 Pleasant View

Located in Middleton, Pleasant Views is however very new but wide spreading and having a growth rapidly. It has a perfect trail for forest prospect along with smooth, fast and flowy roads going along the trees and the shrubs which really helps the rider increase his pleasure for Pleasant Views. Many people relish the way the hills are designed and scalped and also have given great reviews to the people who have established a well open field track. It has a distance of 3 miles and a great elevation of 1110 ft. People have done a great job to fill this valley with some decisive flow and arbitrary jumps which thrills any rider going along this ride.

6 Winman Trail

Discovered in Manitowish Waters, WinMan trail, one of the best places to mountain bike in Wisconsin, is also one of the basics for mountain bikers and very good for beginners who are going for their first rides as well as good intermediate experts who have amazing well-time experience in journeying through their bikes. It distributes an abundant flow of smooth trail system along with astounding scenery of woods and trees. It will take your breath away. And the best season to visit WinMan is the snowy season as it upgrades the landscape making it a spectacle and eases the trails to have a good ride on. It has an elevation of 1665 ft and a distance of 11 miles.

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